Aint Worth Tryin - Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Beware! The Fuzz (Vinyl, LP)

Download Aint Worth Tryin - Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Beware! The Fuzz (Vinyl, LP)
Label: From Here To There Records - FHTT001 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Canada • Genre: Rock •

Before arriving at the current version, Matt Nass tried various builds. But it was too finicky, and Retreat to Coralhelm without any other combo pieces is too bad. I also tried a build with Journey of Discovery , but it was too embarrassing—too weak of a card. I would love playing against those decks," Matt Nass claimed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of strong hate cards in the sideboard. Bojuka Bog vs. Dredge , Melira, Sylvok Outcast vs. Infect , and Engineered Explosives vs. But out of all the combo decks in the format, why run with Amulet? Decks like Elves, Affinity, or Dredge are on many people's radar, so they are packing hate for those decks.

But there are not many Blood Moon s around, so it's the right time to play Amulet. According to Matt Nass, if you played Amulet before, then it won't be too hard to figure out the new build of the deck. If you haven't, then you may need a lot of practice games before you understand the ins and outs, as it's a complicated deck with all kinds of tutoring effects. However, Matt Nass had several useful tips for people interested in picking up the deck, starting with his approach to sideboarding.

You don't want to dilute the deck too much. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter buzzard blues bird Start date Jul 5, Messages 1, I'm a marshall guy and have about 10 different heads and various cabs.

Yesterday being the 4th of july, I had some time and the family was out so I cranked up my Mesa stilleto deuce 1 since I had'nt in a while. Made me remember why I got it. It's like the marshall,marshall should of made. So many great tones from fender blackface, marshall late 70's jmp mast vol. My only problem was my own ocd leaving it on one setting cause each one was just as cool as the next.

Amp is a sleeper imo. Definitely my funnest amp. Mods can you move please? Think about how much power you get out of a Myr Battlesphere when you have a Tempered Steel in play, that's a heavy load of Myr. I wanted a removal spell that would help us against dangerous cards like the Titans from Magic Oust seemed like a good inclusion here, but I couldn't help but think we could do better.

Brittle Effigy hasn't seen much play yet, but I imagine it could be huge in a deck like this. I don't want to play too many rares, though. I'll probably stick with the Oust for now, but I recommend trying out Brittle Effigy if you decide to build this deck and already have a few copies of the Magic rare in your collection. Now it's time for the artifacts. Remember, the more artifacts we play, the more powerful our Myrsmith will be. We want all our artifacts to work well with the deck, but we may make non-myr exceptions if they're powerful enough.

Myr Galvanizer is everything we're looking for. It pumps our team and accelerates our mana when it's combined with Palladium Myr or multiple copies of Gold Myr.

There's a lot of buzz regarding this guy. A reader of mine, Lester Hawkes, found a sweet combo with this card. Myr Galvanizer, plus Splinter Twin , plus any mana-producing Myr. You enchant the Myr Galvanizer with Splinter Twin , tap it to make a copy, tap the other Myr to use the copy's ability to untap both other Myr, tap the enchanted Myr Galvanizer to make another copy, use the mana Myr to activate the copy's ability to untap all the other Myr Attacking for infinite damage with Myr on turn four seems pretty exciting.

I'll save that deck for another week. Origin Spellbomb is an especially nice piece of metal when you have Myrsmith on the battlefield. It nets you a pair of Myr and draws you a card. I've always had an irrational amount of love for Spellbombs , but I really think it fits here.

The new Spellbombs seem less designed for combo-oriented decks and more designed as balanced cards that can have a lot of synergy with other cards. Myrsmith and Origin Spellbomb were made for each other. The Myr token created by Origin Spellbomb can actually be a huge force in the early game.

Think about it:. That may seem exciting, but it's not nearly as exciting as the things that can happen when you have a Myrsmith in play. You can even use the Spellbombs to play around Day of Judgment. Continue beating your opponent down until he or she pulls the trigger on Day of Judgment.

Then simply pop the Spellbombs before your turn starts, make some extra Myr, and refill your hand with more threats. Your opponent had better have an extra Day of Judgment in hand—otherwise, things look pretty good for the home team. Gold Myr may seem unexciting, but cards like this are surprisingly good.

It's important that we can accelerate into our more powerful spells. It's also nice if we can pay for the Myrsmith trigger every time we cast an artifact spell. Gold Myr lets this deck do things like third-turn Lodestone Golem. If your opponent's deck doesn't have a lot of removal then a play like this can be absolutely backbreaking.

Speaking of Lodestone Golem. Here's a card worth trading for. It may have just been a rare piece of sideboard tech for players in the know I'm looking at you, Brad Nelson. Once Scars of Mirrodin is released I think it's safe to say that this will be one of the better cards available to all the new artifact decks. It may still die to Lightning Bolt , but that problem is quickly solved with a Tempered Steel.


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  2. Sep 15,  · I wanted a removal spell that would help us against dangerous cards like the Titans from Magic Oust seemed like a good inclusion here, but I couldn't help but think we could do better. Brittle Effigy hasn't seen much play yet, but I imagine it could be huge in a deck like this. I don't want to play too many rares, though. I'll probably stick with the Oust for now, .
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