Charlie Brown - Various - Looney Tunes (8-Track Cartridge)

Download Charlie Brown - Various - Looney Tunes (8-Track Cartridge)
Label: K-Tel - NU-9148 8ST • Format: 8-Track Cartridge Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop, Childrens, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Novelty, Parody

Way 9. Caudia - Theme Robert R. Way Pegasus - Theme long Robert R. Pegasus - Theme short Robert R. Pegasus - Bridge 1 Robert R.

Pegasus - Bridge 2 Robert R. Balua Roger Roger Song of the Trade Winds Roger Roger Love Me Roger Roger Memories of Barbara Roger Roger Tropics Roger Roger. Tour for Swingers Loren Wilfong 2. Whooping and Hollering Loren Wilfong 3. Slim Cecil Leuter 4. Reveil Nino Nardini 5. Cafard Ph. Pares 6. Lunatic Soulful Trumpet Jim Wakerfield 7. Polly J. Zamecnik 8.

Heart Beats Walter E. Victor Lamont 9. Monte Carlo Polka Ph. Pares As expected with library music, this track has been miscredited. To confuse the issue further, they are father and son. Philippe would also pass the following year in The etched matrix number is TR4M.

However, RCA adopted a custom of switching the 2nd and 3rd characters of the matrix numbers every 10, numbers every year. Alas, the record label still provides no clues for the performers on the tracks. Find more library music tracks used in Fallout here. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, as we mark the end of the first year of the new decade. Alas, record shipments from a coastal city to an underwater one are currently backed up at the moment, but portions of their setlists should be published shortly.

Residents of Santa Modesta also have been sending in slightly less fuzzy photographs of supposed little gray men. On display in the store window is the very latest in automatic recorders from Revere-Wollensak. Each used tape slides over to the right from below while a fresh one is lowered from the stack.

I expect they will be abbreviating their rather unwieldy name soon since they are quickly expanding their magnetic tape services. Perhaps Mr. If anything, Wattz Electronics has some competition on the market for square holotapes. See if your favorite record, 8-track, cassette, wax cylinder, or transcription disc was featured this year:.

Episode 1. The Complete Records Behind the Music. Episode 2. A rare song from a rare label. Regrettably due to both its age and the somewhat non-standard practices of recording and pressing at the label, the audio quality leaves something to be desired, but I have tried to clear up some of the noise. This record happens to have been made two years before the recording session depicted in the film.

When logging into the now-defunct Fallout Online website, players were greeted with a series of Polaroid photographs being tossed onto the table offering shots of buildings and concept art while this song emanates from the glowing record player and radio combination console on the right.

Recorded in late in the winter, this song is one of the few songs from the s used in Fallout and would have been the oldest recording used in the series. Also listed are other Paramount Record titles. Born Gertrude Pridgett, though otherwise known as Ma Rainey, she lived a fairly colorful life rife with intrigue and rumor. Even her birthplace is uncertain with various sources giving credit to Alabama or Georgia. Though demand for recordings by black musicians was high, the color barrier meant that Rainey was not able to be shellacked until by signing with Paramount.

While she recorded with many jazz stars of the day and made over one hundred recordings with Paramount, the film focuses on her last years with the label which would also go bankrupt by the s. Regrettably, there are comparatively few photos of Ma Rainey, but her voice still echoes from the grooves. Many of the scenes take place outside of the recording room and focuses on conversations between the band members. With the exception of Ma Rainey herself, while the roles of the musicians, the recording engineer and so on undoubtedly existed, the characters are largely fictional.

The above record label represents the central MacGuffin which is never directly seen in the film, but drives the plot forward. A slight change to the script of the play is the changing of the setting from winter to summer as foreheads glisten with perspiration.

Perhaps the winter release of the Netflix film was meant to be a reminder. This also has an impact on the recording session itself. The film depicts the recording session using smooth black lacquer discs sometimes called acetate discs though they do not contain that material. As the recording engineer tosses the bad takes into the bin, it shows they are thin metal discs covered with a thin layer of nitrocellulose lacquer.

Industry films showing wax blanks used to make the initial recording before heading to the plating process.

Note how the wax is polished to a shine, the disc is thicker, and of a lighter color than lacquer. The text intertitles indicate silent film footage. The first three rows date to the s with the third for a Columbia Records pressing plant. The last row is a film from the s showing RCA Victor still using wax recording blanks. All are for shellac 78 rpm records as the vinyl LP would be introduced in Industry films showing lacquer covered blanks used to make the initial recording before heading to the plating process.

Note how the blanks are glossy black and much thinner. The first row is from the late s showing lacquer discs being used to eventually cut shellac 78s for Variety Records.

The second row shows updated footage from RCA Victor in the s now using lacquer discs to press newly invented vinyl LPs. The last row also shows lacquer blanks for Capitol Records. Contemporary film footage from record pressing plants during the s more commonly show thicker one-inch discs made of wax being used in the record lathe.

Lacquer discs were more commonly used in the decades following. A wax disc would have melted in the sultry summer of Chicago which gets as hot as it does cold in the winter. While it was easy to keep a wax disc warm, cooling technology had not progressed so far during that period.

A humorous anecdote about a s Bob Wills recording session details packing the wax master recordings on couple hundred pounds of ice to beat the Texas heat. Regardless of wax or lacquer, this recording is extremely fragile and unable to be played very much.

Similar to today, the process still continues to metal plating where multiple more durable metal copies are mirrored before eventually stamping out the right side up grooves into a vinyl slab, or more appropriate for the era depicted in this film, a shellac record. There are scant details about where they obtained the record lathe except it was from a recreator in the Los Angeles area.

It is possibly related to the work of Nicholas Bergh who had restored a working s record lathe which was featured in the documentary film series American Epic. The series explores this period of early recorded music and the people in front of and behind the microphone including Ma Rainey.

In addition, contemporary artists attempt to adapt their music to the rigors, quirks, and restrictions of a s recording studio.

Jack White also produced on the film as well as producing the extensive Rise and Fall of Paramount Records box sets. With lacquer discs being used to preserve radio broadcasts by the late s, it is likely the record lathe was adapted to work with lacquer discs since they are still in use today and more common to come by than wax discs.

Also notable during the session is that all the instruments and the vocalist share one microphone. The request for a second microphone was likely for dramatic effect. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved December 27, The Irish Times. March 23, Retrieved September 21, The Japan Times. Toshiaki Ogasawara. Retrieved December 2, The Telegraph. April 28, Retrieved September 22, Archived from the original on April 5, Entertainment Television.

Retrieved January 7, BBC News. February 15, Merkley and Lora L. Merkley" Archived February 14, , at the Wayback Machine. Journal of the American Musicological Society , Vol. Lists of years by topic. Architecture Aviation Home video Radio Television. Politics and governance Sovereign states State leaders Colonial and territorial governors Leaders of international organizations Religious leaders.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. I could not wait to get it home and play it. The Weird Kingdom is their fourth and last album. What I found that day was one of only two copies I have ever seen of it. It's their rarest because, as Lew Bedell later explained, it was their poorest-selling album, selling only 30, copies. He also said they had split up after their third album, and he had to bring them back together to make this one.

Despite this, it's got some great gems to behold on it. Mutual Of Tokyo presents "The Weird Kingdom", hosted by Merlin Marlon, and starring Ralph, the fearless explorer, who mistakes a sleeping alligator for an old log. He quickly notices the 'gator has a bad tooth and replaces it with a big gold one. A wacky and wild parody of Wild Kingdom , with sound effects to go along with the action.

Welfare, by name , who are waiting to get into Heaven. Is there no bigotry or prejudice in Heaven? Play a round, and find out! Wilbur is stopped on the street by a plainclothesman, who asks him the whys and wheres of what he does and what he's got. Vanderbilt is into Japanese food, apparently! It's called "kilo"!!! Bruiser LaRue has a quick cameo, whom she tells to "kiss off!

He promises many things, such as closing topless bars, and bringing the prostitutes to their knees. There's a mystery guy behind him, heckling him at every sentence, and at the same time, revealing some very interesting truths about this guy!

He gets it from ol' pop, who's also still out there as well! A little "Who's On First? You may be able to keep up with it and get it all after a few listens. The ending of the routine has some rather abrupt editing to deliver a punch line, but it was obvious that poor ol' Frank didn't have a pot to piss in. I've read somewhere that one of them walked out on the radio show one day, and that was that. I have no idea if they ever got together again, but it would have been wonderful if they had, and made some more recordings.

Sounded like an interesting pairing, but to be honest, this album is astoundingly unfunny, although the audience seems to be in hysterics the whole time.

Everything about this album looks and sounds very outdated, to the cover graphics layout, to the material, and overall presentation. The sound quality on the original vinyl is made even worse by re-channeling, or "fake stereo". The album veers between comedy routines and strange song parodies. The most interesting is "Sky High Market", a parody set to "Frere Jacques", with an average Joe asking the prices of groceries with a harried-sounding female store manager over the phone.

The guys especially Hudson can't stop cracking up while it's going on. There are two parts to this, at the end of each album side. These were not really these guys' territory, and the remaining comedy bits are almost unlistenable, even though the audience seems to be having a good time.

More info on the album and audio clips can be seen here: www. I got this one in October of , not knowing if this one was going to be any good or not. Despite the cheap-looking cover graphics, this is a vast improvement over The Hollyweird Squares. Next is a sports interview with none other than Bruiser LaRue, who's going to trade in his cleats to be a baseball star. Following that is "Take The Gum", where Judson is a guy on the subway being pestered by a well-meaning but annoying guy whose lot in life is chewing-gum.

After that is a similar routine, "Hold The Mustard", about two guys at a ballgame, where one guy doesn't want mustard on his dog, and gets read the riot act by the other about the evils of not eating mustard. He changes his tune, though, when he finds out what's in mustard! After this, Hudson returned to radio, where he remained on various stations and citites up until his retirement in This was Ron Landry's last comedy release, with fellow comedy writer Tom Biener.

It came out in on the Universal label, but I have never seen it anywhere, on either vinyl or cassette. Despite the cheesy packaging and fantastically unimaginative title, this is actually a very funny album, with some memorable bits to be found. All he can say is, "The Lord works in mysterious ways! Some more info on it can be seen at: www. Posted by Shades Below at AM 1 comment:.

The Complete Collection There were two previous "Best Of" albums by Dore, but nothing in the way of any rarities on them, and not even any pictures on either one. Then there was another compilation on CD, apparently put out by Dore in , but was poorly mastered from scratchy old vinyl. For years, I wondered if their albums would ever come out on CD properly.

In September of , browsing the "Net one day, I made two startling discoveries. The other was that there was a boxed set containing all of their work--remastered and unedited--with rare and unreleased material. I could barely contain my excitement as I scoured for more info on where I could send for it. I got the money together, sent for it, and before I knew it, it was in my mailbox, and up in my room.

It's a 3-CD boxed set, with all four Dore albums, eight unreleased routines, and five bits that were released as singles either on their own, or b-sides. It has informative liner notes by the guys who put it together, plus a few cool pictures of the guys that I had never seen before, and clever picture-discs.

The first two discs have all four albums with a few loose bits on the third one , although not in the original running order as the albums. After picking through the first two discs, I immediately headed for the third one. The unreleased bits are out-takes from Hanging In There , and all of them are good. Any of them could have gone on the record, or could have been used as b-sides to the singles released from it.

Among them: "Joe Needles", about an out-of-luck ex-con calling into a radio talk show, and trying to beg a hundred bucks off the host. Towards the end of the disc are the five single-only bits.


A La Messa Del Cielo (1756) - María Espada, David Sagastume, Orquesta Barroca De Sevilla, Coro Barro, Es Wird Mir Heiß - Topsy Küppers & Georg Kreisler - Die Heisse Viertelstunde (Vinyl, LP, Album), Liar - Three Dog Night - 20 Greatest Hits (CD), Brain Death - Until Rain - Anthem To Creation (CD, Album), Euphoria - Michael Jackson - MP3 Collection (CD), Ružica Kaušić - Ej, Ja Sam Mala I Moj Dika Mali / Oj, Javore, Javore (Shellac), Leon, La Bella Durmiente, Devastation - Owl Eyes (4) - The Seventh Circle (Vinyl), Starlight Chaser より高い到達! - 1969年 - Diary Of A Lucid Dreamer (Cassette, Album), Disco - Various - 25 Години Бюро За Младежки Туризъм "Орбита" / 25 Years "Orbita", Dunkel 1 - Popey You Know - Cosmic Inadequacy Of Noizy Wanker (Dunkel 1-6) (Vinyl), En Route - Armen Nalbandian - To Repel Ghosts (CD), Domination - BK - Domination (File)

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  8. led the Compact Cassette to supplant the stereo 8-track cartridge and reel -to- reel tape recording in most non-professional applications.

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