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She is just across the street, at the Inter Ocean hotel. Sybil: "See her? Why should I? No indeed! That is your business, sir. You made the mistake and you must rectify it. Agent: "But how am I to convince her that I have made any mistake? She has an autograph letter from the Central office and ample identification, while you have shown me none as yet.

Sybil: Icily "Here is my card, sir. You must pardon the oversight as I am not accustomed to having my word questioned. Agent: "She said exactly the same thing, and in the same tone. Now don't misunderstand me, Mrs.

I believe your claim is all right, but my opinion doesn't go with the road. I must have tangible proof to start to looking the matter up on. And I am afraid your card won't do. Have you checks for your baggage? Excuse me a moment. He disappears and Sybil paces the floor distractedly. Sybil: "What am I to do? If I telegraph Reginald, he may be in Los Angeles, and besides I couldn't get an answer before the train goes.

What a blockhead this agent is! And at first I thought him rather nice. The idea of giving my passes to the first impostor that comes along, and then coolly proposing that I trot after her.

What western men lack in manners they make up in assurance. This would never have happened on an eastern road. Reggie must have this fellow called down. Sybil: "Certainly, my maiden name.

They are my old traveling trunks. O dear, how unfortunate! I suppose you think me the adventuress! Perhaps you contemplate having me arrested! Agent: "Madam, I have far more serious matters to contemplate.

I have implicit faith in you, but I can't do much for you on faith; and I certainly can't accost that imposing personage at the Inter Ocean House without some sort of evidence. I really want to help you if I can, so let's see what can be done. I will be busy with the eastbound passenger pretty soon.

You said you had a letter from your husband, didn't you? Sybil: Eagerly. Here it is, he is very definite. She reads.

Agent: "Yes, I understand, but this letter is addressed to sweetheart and is signed 'Your Boy, Reggie. Sybil: Indignantly I didn't suppose you would feel at liberty to read the whole letter, and your jokes are in very bad taste, sir.

My husband will report your conduct to headquarters and have this matter looked into. Agent: Then I wish he would go about it now, for I don't know how to. I'll wire the Omaha office and see if they had orders to issue passes for two Mrs.

In the meantime I would advise you to see the other woman, or you might send a note to her. Sybil: "Well, if you will kindly call a boy I suppose I can do that. He goes to the telegraph instrument and begins to send a message.

Sybil: "Will you let me see that receipt a moment? I want to see whether the creature claims to have a first name. Well, she is stupid! So long as she is appropriating other people's passes and names she needn't quibble at a single letter. She might just as well have taken the T along with the rest of it, and I shall not hesitate to tell her so. Messenger boy comes in. Sybil gives him the letter. There, get that over to the Inter Ocean House, and bring me an answer at once. Agent: "And while you are waiting, Mrs.

Johnston, can't I send out and get some lunch for you? Sybil: Stiffly "Thank you, I don't care for anything. But my little dog, Bijou, has had nothing since morning. I think I must go out and try and find some milk for him. Agent: "Oh you never mind that! One of my boys will get Bijou's milk for View Image of Page 8 him. At least let me get you a comfortable chair. Agent: "I am awfully sorry that this trouble has occurred, Mrs.

Johnston, and that it puts me in such an ungracious light. Sybil: "O, I perfectly understand, sir, that you must do your duty. He returns carrying a soup plate. Agent: "Here is Bijou's lunch.

He's a husky little dog, and by the way, the other Mrs. Johnson, or rather the lady who got your passes, had a dog as like him as two peas. She is a regular high stepper, and pretty trim-looking. She didn't seem like a fraud. Sybil: Freezing harder "I don't question the lady's charms and I shall have nothing to say about your apparent susceptibility, if it were not responsible for the loss of my passes.

Sybil: Reading "Dear Madam: I think there can be no mistake about my passes. They were sent me by Mr. Reginald Johnston, vice-president of the C. I have a letter of apology from the forwarding clerk of the Union Pacific office in Omaha, apologizing for his delay in overlooking Mr. Johnston's request, and keeping me for four days in this disagreeable place.

Moreover, I this morning received a telegram from Mr. Johnston stating that he would meet me here and travel west with me. Regarding the spelling of my name, I must say that I feel the need of nothing from Mrs. Johnston alphabetically. My name is spelt without the T, and the passes were made out in the correct form.

My acquaintance is of such long standing, that I can scarcely believe he has forgotten how to spell my name. Sincerely, Sally Johnson. This volapuk. My husband to meet her and travel west with her?

Is the woman insane? Why if he could possibly have left California, he would come east for me. What can she mean and who is she? Sally Johnson, without the T, what a name! Just as common as she is, a cake walk sort of a name.

Where pray did Reginald ever know such a person? Certainly I have met all his friends. Why this woman must know him well if she takes the liberty to ask him for passes over the western roads. She must have some claim———" She pauses a moment in deep thought, as a possible solution dawns upon her.

She crushes the letter up in her hands. She must have been one of them! Have been? She is, and that is why she is hurrying to him. And he is coming to meet her! He could not even wait until she arrived. And that is why he told me that he might be out of town when I got there. He didn't even know whether he could get away from her to meet me. Her passes were delayed, should have been here four days ago, and she would have reached him four days before I would.

Agent: "The other Mrs. O she is a regular fine one. Big, stately woman, good figure and lots of style. Blue eyes, very blue, skin of the sort we never see out here, creamy you know with roses in her cheeks. Blonde hair and lots of it—. Sybil: "Ah, thank you. How horrible, how horrible and how disgusting. Just the usual sordid, mercenary wrecker of homes; common woman who has to beat her way in the world, and wants to do it easy.

I thought he had more imagination. I suppose, though, there is only one way to be bad, and that is the common way. But to think of his sending for her now, when I was hurrying to him with a heart so full of love,—Ah, Reggie, you will never know how full! No, you will never know that now. This feature of it is something that no woman could bear without debasing her womanhood. How all those dreadful things the girls used to tell me about him come back to me now. And I used to think it was all envy, because they wanted him and couldn't get him.

Why, I used to pity them! They'll be pitying me now. No, I can't endure that. I will not be pitied! Margaret Villers used to tell me about his horrid scrapes at college, and about his keeping an uptown flat with a sky terrier and things for some person, and a coupe with dark blue upholstering to set off the creature's blonde loveliness.

Why this creature is a blonde! She may be the same; of course she is. No man, not even the most rapacious, ever wanted two alkaline blondes in succession.

Perhaps he has never dropped her at all; perhaps it was on her account that he cut our wedding trip short and hurried back to New York. O horrible! My life is all going to pieces under me, there is nothing left. She even has a terrier like mine, the agent said so. I suppose he has even given her the same jewels, bought duplicates probably. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This.

Director: Joseph Sargent. Added to Watchlist. Hollywood Power Couples. Celebrate Black History Month. Psychological thrillers. Must watch psychological movies of the modern times onwards.

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Ominous Man Liam McNamara What short-sighted pride! I thought the People all felt as I feel; that I had nothing to do but to sustain and animate him; to encourage him when he flagged, to uphold him when he wavered. I thought that moral power must govern the world, and that moral power was embodied in an assembly whose annals will be a series of petty intrigues, or, what is worse, of violent machinations.

After this business at Birmingham, the government must act. I hear that they will immediately increase the army and the police; and that there is a circular from the Secretary of State to the Lords Lieutenant of counties. But the government will strike at the Convention. The members who remain will be the victims. If your father return to Mowbray and be quiet, he has a chance of not being disturbed. But they will listen to you, they will cheer you, but they will never follow you.

The dove and the eagle will not mate; the lion and the lamb will not lie down together; and the conquerors will never rescue the conquered.

Egremont shook his head. They are not visions of delight. Believe me they are as vain as they are distressing. The mind of England is the mind ever of the rising race. Trust me it is with the People.


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  1. Of Chestnut Hill, formerly of Newton on Monday, April 27, For 55 years, he was the beloved husband of Sybil (Berger) Oxman. Loving father of Ronald "Ron" .
  2. Biographical Information Sybil Amanda Lincoln was born in Adams County, Iowa, on January 7, She was a daughter of George Ira Lincoln and Loretta (or Laretta) Mitchell Scott. Both George Lincoln and Loretta Scott were born in March ; George Lincoln was born in Iowa, and Loretta Scott was born in Ohio.
  3. Feb 13,  · Dear Sybil and the entire Balabon family, Our sincere condolences for your loss Ron, a unique and lovely man. We worked together for many years at the HR FESTA and met frequently on Friday's at Born: Aug 20,
  4. Feb 04,  · sybil hope (marr) melbourne It is with great sadness that we announce Sybil’s peaceful passing on Saturday February 4, at the age of Sybil was born on May 23, in Croft’s Hill, Clarendon, Jamaica to Joslyn and Letitia miner-all.neton: Toronto.
  5. Jan 28,  · Ellen "Sybil" Schutzius, nee Thomas, was born on September 8, in Hammond, Indiana and passed away peacefully surrounded by family at her Tinley Park home on Wednesday, January 27, at the.
  6. Jan 21,  · ‘My dear,’ Professor Trelawney’s huge eyes opened dramatically, ‘you have the Grim.’ ‘The Grim, my dear, the Grim!’ cried Professor Trelawney, who looked shocked that Harry hadn’t understood. ‘The giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards! My dear boy, it is an omen – the worst omen – of death!'.
  7. May 11,  · Sybil was a long-time member of St. Jude Catholic Church. Sybil graduated from Ursuline Academy, received her Associate’s degree from North TX State University where she majored in journalism and was a sorority member of Kappa Delta. She was also editor of the university newspaper. This is where she met the love of her life, Ray.
  8. Jul 26,  · Sybil F. Partridge? Anonymous? Dear Quote Investigator: There is an inspirational essay called “Just for Today” that I have seen on many websites. It consists of a series of suggestions or guidelines. There are many versions, but one common example begins with the following statements.

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