Fire - 23 Extacy - Holy Land (CD)

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Label: Dungeon Recordings - none • Format: CD • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Industrial

For I am the incandescent king! If you do not wish to die, do not oppose me. If you do not wish to fear me, do not free me. If you do not wish to suffer, do not try to run.

A light rushed out from the young hunter's right arm, and at once, he was freed from the gravity's clutches. He looked down, sizing up the massive demon below him. And then A ray of light shot through the demon's body. Like a hurricane, the hunter swept through the underlings. Not even the loss of an arm could impair his combat skills. She is the creator of masterpieces. What demon would regret being felled by weapons of such craftsmanship? What'll it be today? I got good news and bad news. Pick your poison.

Thing is, that "good" news is terrible news for most people. Great news for you, though. He slipped through the hail of bullets and kicked off from the wall at superhuman speed. Seeing the faint promise of victory on the horizon, he lept to seize it.

Though he appears frail, true strenght lurks within. His yearning hidden, the poet sings and the nightmares dance—all to bring back his lost other half. As long as I have someone who'll go with me and is brave enough to take the furr-st step, I'll keep purressing on! In the wake of demons stealing everything from her, she relinquinshed both her name and memories to seek revenge. With faith in his heart and a sword in his hand, the leader of the Order's knights is a true believer.

A demon with a bloody past seeks refuge in the guise of a clown. Will it help him make peace with his past? Wrapping its body in a cloak of black fog, this lesser demon can neutralize any and all threats. At times, curiosity can be one's downfall. Once the demon's coffin opens, hell shall truly break loose. Wreathed in lightning, the bat freely changes its form. There is nothing its lone eye can see that it cannot imitate.

Beware the shadow with the enormous scythe. If you can see it smile, it's already too late to escape. Do no discount their numbers. Though they are weak on their own, their willingness to die can make them deadly. A demon shaped like a spider crawls out from unseen shadows.

Once you are caught, not even your soul can escape. The red pendant's gleam sent the dark demon into a fit of agony, as memories once thought forgotten returned. After countless blows, his protective lightning had been destroyed. Stripped of power, the demon was now easy prey. Its spider-like hide shrugs off even demon sword blows, and crushes fools who would defy the Demon Emperor.

The demonic lightning-clad bird fries would-be pursuers to a crisp, all in the name of his glorious Demon Emperor. It was a sign of the Demon Emperor's resurgence. Disaster was closing in, but he shall not go down without a fight. Hear my prayers! Lesser demons are summoned from beyond the darkness. Iron shears are their catalyst, bloody magic their flesh.

Three giant shears float through the air, carried by black shadows. Are they demonic weapons that sever hope itself? Or sacred treasures in which despair dwells? The protector of the island can pull their trigger to take on a dove-like form. Use demonic power to defend a demon A ritual for imbuing oneself with demonic power. At the cost of great suffering, a knight can obtain a powerful new form.

Trusted by Sanctus himself, the Supreme General of the Holy Knights shall not hesitate to draw his blade against any fool who dare oppose Fortuna. A demon made in the form of a beautiful woman. Despite being created for evil, Trish found her humanity and decided to live among humans instead. Hell Vanguards are twisted demons who guard the underworld. The sound of its scythe scraping against the floor is a death knell to those who hear it. The leading scientist with the Order of the Sword, who gave up his humanity in exchange for power, thus sealing his fate.

Fury for its fallen brothers. Fury for the imputent. The hatred of the gatekeeper king transformed into flames, bathing it in crimson light. In one fell swoop, the demon's massive sickle sliced through its prey, leaving a shower of blood in its wake.

Amid the blood-rain, the queen reveled in ecstasy and madness. The men set off for the top of the tree of the Demon World. As they left, the wunderkind of heavy weaponry watched over them. Powerful limbs to spring on its prey.

Sheathed talons to shred its victims. The demon's entire body is made for slaughter. The demonic insects feast on pools of flesh and blood. They swarm their prey, stuffing the morsels deep into their gullets—another victim in the blood sack. With a sweep of his blade, he saves his comrade from the clutches of evil. The steam rises-a signal flare for the counterattack. She was once at the mercy of the demons, but now she ascends to new heights, a rival to their prince. Together with her mother, she gives life to flowers of flame.

He lost the power of demons, but gained something new. Channeling heat into his trusty sword, the young man grinned. He was committed to his cause, and willing to employ any tool to do what must be done. So long as there were people to save, then no price-be it demonic or not-was too high. My mother loved humanity, loved demons, and loved children.

It's so far out of reach now Her warm smile from the days of my childhood. It may be a despicable parasite, but its destructive potential is truly formidable. Be not deceived by appearances. Brothers killing each other? Sony Music , RCA. New Breed. Pop punk , pop-rap. State of Mind. A Good Friend Is Nice. Island , Universal. The Great Adventure. Radiant Records, Metal Blade. Blues rock , hard rock. Low Country Sound , Atlantic. Toast to Our Differences. Asylum , Atlantic , Warner Bros.

At the Edge of Light. When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light. Post-metal , gothic metal , black metal , doom metal. Unfortunately, Terror Jr. Reimagines the Eighties. Symphonic power metal.

Don't Feed the Pop Monster. My Wildest Dreams. What Chaos Is Imaginary. Indie rock , progressive rock. Latin pop , reggaeton. Universal Music Latino. Ska , disco , alternative rock. Post-punk , dark wave , new wave , gothic rock. Vertigo , Spinefarm. Electric Lady Sessions. Dance-punk , new wave , synth-pop , alternative dance.

DFA , Columbia. Jet Life , Atlantic. Head Above Water. Rock , pop rock. Greatest Hits. Pop , synth-pop. Can't Say I Ain't Country. Big Machine. What It Is. Ambient , psychedelic pop. Fantasy , Concord. Alternative rock , emo , hard rock. This Land. Hip hop , trap. YSL , Entertainment. Universal Music Australia. Hard rock , heavy metal. Contemporary worship music. Motown , Quality Control. Nappy Boy , Cinematic. Rap or Go to the League. Shine a Light. Metalcore , alternative metal.

Soul , blues. Rubyworks , Island. Melodic death metal , alternative metal , groove metal. Eleven Seven , Nuclear Blast. Dream pop , synth-pop. Psychedelic pop , neo-psychedelia. The Verdict. Heavy metal , progressive metal. When I Get Home. What a Time to Be Alive. Weezer Black Album. Pop rock , power pop , electropop. So What? Metalcore , alternative metal , nu metal , punk rock. There Will Be No Intermission. Indie rock , dance-rock.

Warner Bros. You're Stronger Than You Know. Columbia Nashville. Sucker Punch. Pop , electropop , synth-pop. Crazy But It's True. Promised Land Recordings, Columbia. Futurepop , Synth-pop. The Cinematic Orchestra. Electronic , downtempo , nu jazz , modern classical. Ninja Tune , Domino.

Dallas Smith. Singing to Strangers. Americana , alternative rock , folk rock , indie pop. Silvertone , Sony Music. Karen O and Danger Mouse.

Starship Entertainment. Stone Music Entertainment. Experimental , IDM , wonky , electronica. American Football LP3. Emo , post-rock , art rock.

Cows on Hourglass Pond. Neo-psychedelia , psychedelic folk. On the Line. Warheads on Foreheads. Heavy metal , glam metal , hard rock. The World Is Yours 2. Nothing Happens. Indie rock , post-punk , power pop , surf punk.

Bez tebe. Bassivity Digital. Def Jam , Visionary. Pop , avant-pop , art pop , electropop. Honky Tonk Time Machine. MCA Nashville , Universal. Gingerbread Man. You're the Man. Soul , funk. Motown , Universal Music Enterprises , Universal. The Valley. Deathcore , groove metal. City Slang.

Rock , pop. K-pop , dance , rock , hip hop. YG , Interscope. Funk carioca , reggaeton. What's It Like Over There? Free Spirit. Periphery IV: Hail Stan. Progressive metal , djent , progressive metalcore. Stronger Than the Truth. These have-nots desire to have the Light of the haves; and the haves are the common people, the poor who must be cared for, the homeless, the children, the middle class—all those who are a part of the Body of God.

Let it be known, beloved, that what you have they cannot live without. Your lifestream and life-force is a daily transfusion that they must have.

Our bowls are empty, beloved. You may place in them any burdens and momentums that are the misuse of the Mind of God and the mental body and the Second Ray in you. We only desire in return that you shall spread the good news of this Everlasting Gospel that Christ in you is the victor over Death and Hell.

May you live to see your joy, your work, and your word fulfill the mandate of God that the earth is become that golden sphere of Light held in the hands of Helios and Vesta, and her evolutions of the Light are ascended and now move on to greater and greater levels of divine illumination.

May you see face to face very soon. And may you have the gentle, comforting Presence of the Maha Chohan to assist you to transmute by the Holy Ghost that Darkness that up to the present has not allowed you to see. O angels of Light, form now your great formations over the entire planetary body, for we do begin this night our rescue mission unto the children of the Light! And every single soul in the earth who has turned his heart to God shall receive an increment, a support, a flame of candle of illumination.

Jophiel and Christine, enter the fray! Bind and cast out those drug conspiracies, false hierarchies, and demons! Bind them now in the name of the Divine Mother! Cut free our children and youth and our people worldwide! Expose the Liar and the lie, the Murderer [and his murderous intent]! Expose them all and bind them now and let them be brought to justice! Make the fiat, beloved, and let it be intense. For never has there been such an invasion of society out of the bowels of hell as there is this day of these vicious entities of the drug conspiracy.

The angels of Jophiel and Christine are on their way! I tell you nay! Blessed hearts, we shall not stop until you stop giving the decree and the command. And I pray you know that we will succeed; for we are success oriented, we are victory oriented! We have set our mark and we will not stop until it is accomplished.

Now, beloved, let us see this golden flame of illumination upon the crown and the brow. And let us see in you that same intensity that makes you instantaneous comrades with Victory and all hosts of the Lord. In the name of Gautama Buddha and all Buddhas of all worlds, we, Jophiel and Christine, bow before this altar and we leave here special angels who are known as tenders of the Flame.

They remain with those others who also tend the Flame of the ark of the covenant. Available with dictation by Mighty Victory on min. Requests for illumination tape. At FREEDOM Kuthumi and Saint Germain spoke of the need for decree and song tapes on the Second yellow Ray of illumination to follow the building momentum of violet flame released through the use of the violet flame cassettes.

See PoW, vol. Opportunity for salvation of souls at the end of Piscean age. Jesus Christ, PoW, vol. The Grand Teton is a 13,ft. Its peak is 2. On January 1, , Gautama Buddha announced that he and the Lords of Karma had granted a petition of the Lords of the Seven Rays to open universities of the Spirit —courses of instruction being given by the Seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan at their etheric retreats for tens of thousands of students who are pursuing the path of self-mastery on the seven rays.

See Mark L. Raymond and Jeff share their pilgrim experiences with such feeling that we capture the beauty and drama of Christ's mission as never before. Time: 2 hrs 30 mins Production Year: Charlotte's Web.

Sergeant York. Magic Never Ends: C. Lewis - DVD. White Christmas-DVD. Chariots of Fire. The Mission. Anne of Avonlea. Anne of Green Gables. In the Company of Angels. Maximilian: Saint of Auschwitz. Images of Jesus. Joan of Arc - DVD. Jesus of Nazareth. Demetrius and the Gladiator - DVD. The Tabernacle. Nativity Story-DVD. The Vatican Revealed. Ben Hur. The Robe - DVD. China Cry. The Story of Ruth. Exodus Revealed - DVD. Hell's Bells 2-DVD.

Mary of Nazareth. Exodus Decoded-DVD.


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  3. RELEASED ℗ BACKSCATTER. Also available in the iTunes Store More by 23 Extacy. Download the Rapture.
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