Goodbye Killa B. - Various - Stalker 2.14: Parallel Unreality (File, MP3)

Download Goodbye Killa B. - Various - Stalker 2.14: Parallel Unreality (File, MP3)
Label: H.P.G. Detonator - DTN 024 • Series: Stalker (2) - 2.14 • Format: 16x, File MP3, Compilation 320 kbps • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hardcore, Gabber

B aka Bobby Ray ft. Damian 'Jr. Big Tymers ft. Ciara MUC 4 Oh! The Notorious B. Uberlin R. Bono and The Edge Reeve Carney ft. Fyne ft. NUT 78 5 83 Runnin' 2Pac ft. Rihanna NPT 17 3 S. Eminem And Dr. Murphy Lee And P. NRT 19 Shawty Plies ft. Boo Dirty ft.

Extended Mix] D. Kelis, apl. Sharam Jey pres. Hipjoint ft. Am ft. Jazze Pha And T. The Stellas Perfect. Keri Hilson And D. Still need to find a new condensor mic, sorry but the shure psa58 wil have to do for now. None the less, enjoy the show and hope you to can find the good moments as of late. Aug 07 mins. Nothing but pure vibes from one of the hardest working guys in the game!

Lets go! Jul 31 83 mins. You want it heavy? Jul 24 77 mins. Despite some technical issues on the live stream, this weeks episode is full power with a TON of huge tunes!

Run N Bass drops in for a killer guest mix, and Bad syntax brings the usual shenanigans! Abstractonia - Arachnophobia Diascope 3. Tobax - Frenemies Ft. MC Kryptomedic Eatbrain 4. Myselor - Thriller C4C 5. Despersion - Peace Neuropunk 6. Mefjus - Blitz Neosignal 9. Despersion - Offensive Neuropunk IdeatorZ - Bad Man Darkside Symplex - Sonar Red Light O Patreon Exlusive Tobax - Ghost Town Eatbrain Disphonia - Guillotine Codesmell Merikan - Witch Hunter Blackout Neonlight - Bad Omen Blackout Despersion, Mindset - Stopping Time Music Jul 22 58 mins.

Still on the lock down sessions here with Beneath the Surface Episode 71! Amid the great news other countries are getting over the Covid infection, Americans continue to not follow rules and continue to put all our states at danger. Since we are still on lock down trying to our part here over at BTS, it gives me great pleasure to let you all know about this epidsode! Unfortunately have mic problems so this show will be without commentary.

None the less, it is truly action packed full of the latest new and forthcoming tunes. United we stand in the sounds of DNB! Jul 17 95 mins. Its time to get the fuck DOWN! Jul 10 mins. Back at it again! I hope everyone enjoyed last weeks special edition podcast! This week we are back to the grind, and making up for a week of missed tunes.

Drop in and rock out, were going in hard this week! Jul 03 mins. Hello and welcome to the North American Producer Showcase ! I am so beyond stoked to have this series back for year two and you are in store for one HUGE playlist of new favorites. We've gathered vets and new comers alike to show the world a little taste of what North America has to offer in the Jungle, and i am sure you will find some music to love inside!

Due to data restrictions on Podcast partners like iTunes, we recommend you download this from our Soundcloud when it is uploaded at 1pm PST for better quality audio! Chief Jesta - soundcloud. Marko Kokotovic - Tradition Of Torment [forth. Jun 26 87 mins. Welcome back to another edition of "As the Neuro Funk's". Im your host, Bad Syntax, here to take you on an audible journey.

Accompanying me on this mission, is new comer to the podcast MDNZ with an absolutely wicked guest mix. Lock it in, because were about to rock out! Inward — Skorpio C4C Recordings 3. Gydra — Noise of the machine C4C Recordings 5. Mefjus — Surrounded Critical Music Bou — Kill Bill Hypnotic Records Data 3 ft. Mizo — Horizon Eatbrain Vowel, Mason — Sentient Invisible Nais — Dirty Bounce Neuropunk Records Tobax — Lockdown Titan Records Proxima — Wubba Lubba Invisible Droptek — Symbiosis Korsakov Music Mindscape, Coppa — Shut Down Eatbrain The Prototypes feat.

Millbrook — Rituals Viper Recordings Jun 23 57 mins. Brand new business and all the great segements, check out BTS 70 now! This show is insane! I would say, totally worth the wait. KNOXZ put together an absolute banger of a mix. Such progression and technique, do have a listen for yourself! All along with all the great segments be sure to lock in from beginning to end. Play it loud and skank out proud. This one is not to miss!

Jun 19 85 mins. So many things to celebrate! First and foremost, we welcome a brand new sponsor on board, the legendary Adam Audio!

They are known as being the best in the game for a reason, I have been using the new T series speakers and absolutely love them! Beyond excited to have them on board to help push the podcast. This new EP is tough as nails all the way through and I know youre going to love every second of it. Tune in and lets rock out. The weekend has arrived! Despersion — Peace [ Neuropunk Forge ]2. Gydra — Hangjaw [ Eatbrain ]3.

Prolix — Danger [ Let It Roll ]7. Jade — Angry [ Eatbrain ]9. Despersion — Offensive [ Neuropunk Forge ] DisasZt — Synco [ Mainframe Recordings ] Agressor Bunx — Poison [Hoofbeats Music ] Despersion — Warhead [ Neuropunk Forge ] Mob Tactics — Mindhunter [ Bassrush Records ] ChaseR - Technical Move [ Ignescent ] Audio — Atomize [ Snake Pit Records ] Merikan — Evideon [ Blackout Music ] Agressor Bunx - Nitro Funk [ Eatbrain ] Jun 12 89 mins.

Youre going to love them! Long time podcast fam bus Bee steps into the guest mix, and we have you ready to rock! Optical — Slip Thru [Virus Recordings]4. Roho — Lost Relicts [Weaponry]9. Evro — Xen [Deafmuted Records] Jun 05 82 mins. All the crazy tunes you can handle all in one spot. Lock it in and lets go! May 29 94 mins. Day 1,,, Pair that with my usual nonsense in the resident spot, and you got one hell of a Neurofunk shin dig!

May 22 88 mins. So much to celebrate this week! I know youre going to love this one, and the entire podcast this week is just filled with straight rocket fuel!

ALSO personally, celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my awesome wife, as well as the new release on Abducted LTD "The Hive " which is currently in the top 40 releases on Beatport!

Would really appreciate if you went and checked it out at the links below! May 21 57 mins. Yes, the infamous numeral Thats right, we all decided to turn off the mics this go around and just let the show take its course. Let us know if you prefer it this way or miss the commentary! May 15 95 mins.

What a big week we have for you guys! So much work has gone into this one, and we hope you will support it! May 08 91 mins. Another big week ahead with yet another legendary guest, this week Danny the Wildchild steps into the guest mix for a massive mix! Pair that with the usual resident mix by Bad Syntax and you got your weekend kickoff in order! May 07 66 mins. Once again we all are struggling with the cov pandemic.

Truly an insane devastation across all parts of the glode. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Itunes to get it first. Much love and respect to all our listeners.

Stay safe and enjoy the show! May 01 96 mins. We are back with another week full of the heavy sounds! We have the east coast badman DJ Centsless in the hot seat this week with a blazing set, and your usual badness by resident Bad Syntax!

Apr 24 81 mins. Its Friday once again, and we don't slow down for anyone! This week we have a new comer Latenci Music in the hot seat ready to tear down that neurofunk sound for you! Kicking it off, you have the usual Bad Syntax madness!

Lock it in, and lets get your weekend kicked in to hyperdrive! Apr 22 65 mins. Lock it down with the Best Drum and Bass Podcast! Wow, what a crazy time to be alive. All this amazing dnb all around the world only to enjoy it in the confines of our own homes.

Things could definitely be worse and we are glad most of you are staying safe and following protocols! Our sincerest condolences to those who have suffered during these times.

In times like these, it is best to keep strong so click the play butting and raise it up! Apr 17 79 mins. One of the most recognizable icons in DNB history, Zardonic, steps in for an absolutely scorching mix! Apr 10 90 mins. If were all locked inside, we might as well all be rocking together! Check out the new release by E-Sassin that just dropped today at the following links! Apr 03 80 mins.

Drop in, check it out and please support the release if you dig it! Mar 31 61 mins. Beneath the Surface is operational! We definitely would like to apologies to all the listeners for the hold up. The good news in this trying time dealing with the Covid pandemic is we are at least back up and running.

Hopefully, we can instill some positive vibes and inspiration in these critical times! First, we offer our deepest condolences to all those who have suffered and are suffering from the Covid virus. This is a terrible time for all and we at the Best Drum and Bass Podcast want you to know we are fighting the dnb fight. We hope some good music will manifest some good outcomes too all or any.

Please be safe and we hope you enjoy the show! Mar 27 91 mins. Quarantine week 2! This week we have double west coast trouble as dela Moon steps in the guest mix! Pair that with your usual Bad syntax shenanigans, and this week is a wild one! Lock it in and lets get the tunes rollin! Mar 20 89 mins. Captains Log: Quarantine week 1 — Earth has descended into chaos. Mar 13 88 mins. We hope you're all staying safe with the crazy COVID 19 scare, but thankfully youll still have new music delivered direct to you each week!

Along with a special guest mix by Octane Amy this weeks episode will get you rocking all the way through the weekend. Mar 06 83 mins. So awesome, and thank you to everyone around the world for the support on the podcast as well as the label : This week I am honored to have someone who absolutely took me by surprise in the guest mix.

His single on Axon is absolute insanity, and if youre a fan of the show I know you will love it! Check out the guest mix by Melanchol, alongside my weekly biz, and get ready for a jet fueled weekend! Jakes [Trendkill Records]Delta Heavy ft. Feb 28 85 mins. This week we got mega double trouble as we bring you the usual heat to get your weekend moving. Autopsy drops in for a wicked guest mix, and you know Bad Syntax has the tunes ready to flow!

Feb 21 97 mins. Back after an epic week across the country to bring you this weeks podcast! Lock it in and lets get this weekend started off proper! Podcast — Babemix Feb 14 80 mins. Every year for Valentines day, my wife picks out a handful of amazing tunes shes into at the moment, and I create a mix for her to enjoy.

As expected, it is packed full of huge energy and amazing styles, so enjoy this special extended set! Feb 13 mins. If you havent heard of him, i think one quick listen to his guest mix on this show will easily get you in the know. Due to the tragic fires happening in Australia, the native, along with a whole gang of wicked dnb producers came together to put an LP out for charity. We all here at BTS can not thank you all enough for tuning in, reading, commenting, subscribing, you name it.

Acid Train — Taelimb Rebel Music 3. Alone feat. Smelly Button — sp:mc, Skeptical Shogun Audio 9. Saskatchewan — Arclight Vandal Records Turbo Toms — Fracture Exit Records Dangerous Days — Seba Warm Communications Feb 07 86 mins. Big week of announcements this week, so hold tight and bear with me through them fam!

First off, this week we have an epic mix from someone who is making some serious moves, RAZ is here repping Grid Recordings with a dirty mix in the guest spot! Next up, as you know ive been talking about it for weeks, the latest Abducted LTD release is out now and it contain4 4 brand new tunes along with 8 of our favorites from Check it out at the links below! Mass Abduction, Vol. Jan 31 84 mins. This week were kicking off and promoting newcomers Patrol the Skies artist IdeatorZ newest release.

Lock it in and lets get this weekend started right! Guess whose back, back again.. Alright, all of us over at BTS camp want to apologies for the delay on the show, but the wait is finally over! Beneath the Surface episode 64 is definitely one that hits the heart. On this episode we honor Optiv in hearing of his passing. I am sure anyone that is into drum and bass his music has effected you in one way or another. Please go visit his facebook page to pay respects.

Also, there is a link below to help donate to his loving family, Gabriella and the boys. In true Optiv fashion, we are going to bring the heat on BTS 64! Much love and respect and long live Optiv!

Last Goodbye — Break Feat. Celestine — Symmetry Recordings2. Whispers in my ear — Break Feat. Conversations Dub Mix — Break Feat.

Jan 24 69 mins. Friday is upon us again, and this week we have a killer guest mix! Bons stops in to promote his latest release on Close 2 Death and his mix is an absolutely lethal one.

Bad Syntax rocks a ton of new tunes including the debut of a few songs off the next Abducted LTD release, and its nonstop anarchy all episode. Lock it in and lets kick the weekend off proper! Jan 17 88 mins. Back at it after the holidays, and woo boy are there so many new tunes in store for you! Jan 03 mins. Straight dancefloor vibes on this one, and make sure you go check out his latest release! As for me, I wanted to take a retrospective look back on with my top 60 tunes of the year.

There were hundreds I wanted to play, and so many amazing releases that could have made it on this list, but these 60 tunes were some of the biggest stand out tunes of the year for me. You guys are amazing, and thank you for such an awesome year together!

Dec 21 74 mins. Its almost that time! I want to sent a very special thank you to everyone who has supported us in , its been such an amazing year for the podcast. You guys are amazing, and I cant wait to see what happens in the coming year. So cheers, lets get the holidays kicked off right with some hard hitting Drum and Bass!

Subminderz — Hammer Drill [Shell Shock]4. Toyfon — Melediction [Neuropunk]5. Burr Oak — All Alone [Trendkill]6. Telekinesis ft Nuklear — Shadow [Blackout]9. Sequential — Unquantified [Invasion] E-Kid — Mystery [Shell Shock] Sequential — Conscripts [Invasion] Toyfon — Shadowdance [Neuropunk] ClashTone — Flicker [Eatbrain] Toyfon — Threat [Neuropunk] Enei — Dark Move [Critical] Toyfon — Puppy [Neuropunk] Kodin — Mine [Delta9] Ephyum — Perpetual [Delta9] Burr Oak — Gokul [Trendkill] Dec 13 92 mins.

One last Friday the 13th full of killers left in ! Meraki from Las Vegas jumps in the mix and lets loose a belter, alongside your weekly resident mix by Bad Syntax. Buckle up, because the weekend is here in full speed! Dec 07 45 mins.

Boh Boh Boh, Tis the Season.. BTS 63 is here to warm up your winter! Beneath the Surface episode 63, wow, we have come a long way. It has truly been an honor to showcase such epicness. As the end of the year is approaching, we continue to move full force and give you yet another epic show! Dec 06 88 mins. Nov 22 98 mins. Check it out and make sure to give it a share, we got the fire to keep you warm!

Nov 22 57 mins. Like, Share, Listen! Nov 15 83 mins. As the weather cools off more and more, we are dedicated to bringing you the HEAT! Lock it in and lets kick this weekend off proper! Nov 08 82 mins. What a couple of weeks its been. Thank you to everyone we partied with in Covina for the Heaven and Hell party, it was an absolute blast! I know youll love this one, so lock it in and lets get the weekend started! Nov 08 86 mins. You better Axe somebody!

BTS61 is where its at! Oh yes, Beneath the Surface episode 61 comes raw with the vibes. So raw you better not tell the FDA! We are bringing you all the dirty business in this weeks podcast! All the usual segments, plus a special guest mix from Bownce. Now Bownce hails from West Palm Beach Florida and hand selected a grip of golden era vinyls just for the show.

We can not tell you enough to click the play button on your favorite player below and get down with the sickness! Oct 31 70 mins. Enjoy this extra heavy edition of the podcast, and get out there and keep it dark this Halloween! Oct 25 84 mins. Happy Friday my friends! Was such a blast, and so many legends were in the building. Oct 24 67 mins. Smooooooothing out your vibes, right here, BTS 60! Yes, Beneath the Surface episode 60 is packed with vibes from start to finish. Time to set the mood, right here on the one and only, Best Drum and Bass Podcast!

Oct 18 75 mins. He has been pushing for the LA underground longer than most of us have been in dnb and its an honor to bring him to you direct! If youre coming out, stop by stage 2 my set is at tonight! Lets do the damn thing, event page is linked below.

Oct 11 84 mins. Tech and Neuro lovers are going to love this, and I know if youre here, thats the shit you do like! Check out the new release at the links below, and enjoy this weeks mix. Oct 11 74 mins. Beneath the Surface comes full send for KNOXZ drops in this week with a massive mini mix. Invadhertz — Pandemonium [Delta9 Recordings]4. Abstr4ct — Overflow [Program]5. Halogenix — Blej [Critical Music]7. InsideInfo ft. Rhymestar — Airwaves [InsideInfo Music]9. Enei — Northern Noise [Critical Music] North Base — Snout [Mainframe Recordings] Mean Teeth — Transfixed [Santoku Records] Cod3x — Illegal Sound [Eatbrain] Jack Mirror — Pressure [Viper Recordings] Whether it is a small lounge, club, warehouse, or world-class music festival, MetaPattern is always prepared to throw down almost any genre for any occasion.

He takes pride in his professionalism which comes from nearly 15 years in the commercial pro-AV industry as a programmer. Oct 04 86 mins. This week we have the Nor Cal vs So Cal battle as Ruko steps in to the hot seat with an amazing guest mix! Sep 27 97 mins. Many thanks to everyone who came and jammed with me down by the border at Stress Free weekend!

Sep 26 97 mins. Seba — Nobody Knows Secret Operations Macca — What! Sep 20 66 mins. Its a sad week as we mourn for the loss of quite possibly the best drum and bass group to ever do it. Noisia is calling it quits as of next year, so I wanted to pepper in a few of my favorites from them as a tribute to this shocking news.

Lock it in folks, this week has all the energy you need! Link Below! Sep 13 84 mins. Possibly one of my favorite guests to grace this podcast has arrived, ABIS! You may remember his previous work under the June Miller name, and he has not slowed down one bit. Lock it in, because this week is going double speed.

Sep 12 66 mins. Yes, Beneath the Surface episode 57 comes through full force with nothing but new and forthcoming tunes! Well, thats how Mr. We say believe him and give this podcast a listen!

Sep 06 95 mins. Check out the epic guest mix, as well as his latest single linked below that just dropped on Abducted LTD! ALSO, keen listeners will hear a way to fin a free shirt during the broadcast today.

There are no blues, no stabs at soul-jazz grooves, no hard bop -- only sweet, sensitive renditions of romantic standards. WOMAN The original studio album newly remastered by Bruce Botnick, The Doors' longtime engineer and mixer. DO IT DRE - After a seven-year hiatus Dr. Dre returned with '' the follow-up to his debut album, 'The Chronic. Dre assembled an all-star cast of rap superstars including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, and Xzibit who would assist in executing his vision on one of the most flawless albums in hip-hop history.

Dre's production reached a mythical tier on songs like, "Still D. SOME L. The album is named after a slang term for high-grade marijuana, and it's cover is a homage to Zig-Zag rolling papers. It was Dr. Dre's first solo album after he had departed from hip hop group N. A and it's label Ruthless Records over a financial dispute. On The Chronic, he included both subtle and direct insults at Ruthless and it's owner, former N.

A-member Eazy-E. Although a solo album, it features many appearances by Snoop Dogg, who used the album as a launch pad for his own solo career. STAR67 CRUEL SFVD Dylan commenced recording the album in New York City in September In December, shortly before Columbia was due to release the record, Dylan abruptly re-recorded much of the material in a studio in Minneapolis.

The final album contains five tracks from New York and five from Minneapolis. The album has been viewed as an outstanding example of the confessional singer-songwriter's craft, and it has been called "the truest, most honest account of a love affair from tip to stern ever put down on magnetic tape". I AND I JOEY It is the first Eagles album without the appearance of their founding member Bernie Leadonand their first album with guitaris Joe Walsh.

Double LP set featuring 21 tracks recorded for John Peel's Radio 1 show during the band's early years. Pale yellow vinyl. XANNY DIDO KIM D On November 17, Astralwerks Records will release a single LP vinyl reissue of this classic album.

ERIC B. THE R Then, while based in the radical town of Berkeley, California in the San Francisco Bay area, began issuing filed recordings of forgotten blues legends, such as Bukka White. With his own work, Fahey began borrowing from eastern elements such as Indonesian gamelan and Tibetan vocal chanting, reflecting his interest in esoteric eastern religion, as well as birdsong, animal calls, and other naturalistic elements.

Friends since first grade, the two guitarists ended up writing a handful of songs that day, then closed out the session with a spur-of-the-moment decision to start a band.

When it came to finding a bassist, Baker and Hampton looked to Johnny Temple of Girls Against Boys and Soulside another fellow student at their elementary school , who equally shared their passion for what Temple refers to as "loud, angry, visceral music. Soon after dubbing themselves Fake Names-a moniker that's part Raising Arizona reference, part recognition of the "ubiquitous and demonic use of the term 'fake news,'" according to Baker-the band headed to Renegade Studios with the goal of creating a demo to present to record labels.

But after playing those recordings for Baker's Bad Religion bandmate Brett Gurewitz, the Epitaph founder made an unexpected proposal. BRICK Josh Kaufman produced the record in the cozy, rustic confines of Woodstock's The Isokon recording studio and helped Finn stretch the boundaries of his songwriting with confidence, invention and ambition in order to realize what will be a defining moment in his career.

At times stark and spare, at other times vibrant and dynamic, Faith In The Future is Finn's most compelling collection thus far, each song a powerfully alluring and subtly nuanced composition wedded to his distinctive short story narratives. Much of the material on Faith In The Future was written after the passing of Finn's mother, and while none of the songs directly address that loss, the themes of perserverence and finding redemption can be found throughout the album.

Crack-Up comes six years after the release of Helplessness Blues and nearly a decade since the band's self-titled debut. In addition, the band has announced new tour dates, including their first North American shows since October All eleven of the songs on Crack-Up were written by Robin Pecknold. The album was co-produced by Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset, his longtime bandmate, collaborator, and childhood friend.

Fleet Foxes is Robin Pecknold vocals, multi-instrumentalist , Skyler Skjelset multi-instrumentalist, vocals , Casey Wescott multi-instrumentalist, vocals , Christian Wargo multi-instrumentalist, vocals , and Morgan Henderson multi-instrumentalist.

Comes with oversized poster. TUSK Florence writes about her teens and twenties with a renewed, more mature perspective: of growing up in South London, of family, relationships and art itself. JUNE This is the debut from Oxford, England's five-piece dance-rock band. Completing the circuit between the minimalism of American composer Steve Reich, guitars that sound like insects, and tennis player Andy Roddick, theirs is a uniquely winning formula.

Driving percussion high in the mix, guitars played above the 12th fret, no chords, and splashes of synth color all come together like the schematics for a piece of precision engineering. On an unseasonably warm night in March, , within the august, hallowed walls of the Royal Albert Hall in London, something extraordinary happened. Five musicians took to the stage, launched into a song called Inhaler, and blew the roof off.

For the 5,plus people who were lucky enough to be present that evening, the experience was more like a mass epiphany at a revivalist meeting than a gig. Foals whipped up a frenzy and sent it hurtling towards the audience, who gave it a shake and sent it hurtling right back.

Two hours later, we staggered, reeling, out into the night. This was more than music. This was alchemy. SUNNY Now the Dublin band return with their debut record, Dogrel. On the short and punchy opening track, "Big," frontman Grian sings "My childhood was small, but I'm gonna be big", and that, they certainly will be.

Dogrel is a debut which is best enjoyed as a whole; it is very much in the grand tradition of the album as art form, just as this is a band very much in the classic band mold: great singles, an indefatigable work ethic and an utter aversion to standing still.

It expresses Frahm's love for experimentation and answers the call from his fans for a record that truly reflects what they witness during his concerts. Breaking the convention of a traditional live release, the album was recorded over the course of two years in different locations and on various media, including old portable reel-to-reel recorders and cassette decks. These moments were later pieced together in his Durton Studio for what Frahm refers to as a collage of field recordings rather than a live album.

SAYS Formed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in by longstanding friends Clif Hanger AKA Clif Croce on vocals and Rob DeCradle AKA Rob Rosenthal on rhythm guitar, east coast punk band The Freeze had a fluctuating line-up in its early days, perhaps reflecting the band's experimental tendencies which saw it veer from straight-up thrash-based hardcore to more melodic, contemplative work.

Most of the LP's tracks are standard hardcore, but songs like "Food Lava" and "Nazi Fun" display more schizoid leanings, beginning as slow jazz jams before shifting to double-hardcore timing; "Duh Family" and "American Town" parody idealized visions of small-town America.

One of the most criminally underrated American '80s punk classics back on vinyl. Orange vinyl, includes double-sided insert. Between and the guitarist made a series of 4-track recordings, which at the time were not intended for commercial release. After leaving the band Red Hot Chili Peppers in , Frusciante was encouraged by friends to release the material that he wrote in his spare time during the Blood Sugar Sex Magik sessions.

Frusciante plays various acoustic and electric guitars, experimenting with layers of vocals, piano and reverse tape effects. This first-time vinyl release has been carefully remastered and approved by the artist.

The double LP set is packaged with old style tip-on gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeves. GREED Repeater's excellence can't be denied, but the band stood in danger of stagnating it's sound. To it's benefit, Fugazi made some changes, employing more herk-a-jerk rhythms and dub influences, and changing up the lyrical focus. Actually, the lyrics get a bit vague - bordering on equivocality at times - which has it's advantages and disadvantages.

With Steady Diet, Fugazi get more economical and less forceful. Though not nearly as neck-gnawing as Repeater, Steady Diet still packs a sizable wallop, but with slower tempos and less deliberate instrumentation. As always, a poison-tipped dart is pointed at the government, media, and major entertainment outlets.

Ian MacKaye's "destroy your television" rant on "Polish" is one of the more direct and simple songs. His "KYEO" comes straight from the rice paddy or homefront, depending on interpretation. It urges the listener to always remain aware, whether awaiting the enemy's next battle move or remaining blissfully unaware of how people can be taken advantage of by others.

As with the rest of the band's catalog, lyrics are provided in the booklet. This makes things much easier on the intent listener, as both Picciotto and MacKaye have weird voices that become unintelligible when howled over their instrumental din.

The lyric sheet is most useful on Picciotto's "Latin Roots. Special limited edition yellow vinyl reissue of the legendary UK punk bands classic album! LP Hard Core. The Germs are one of the most legendary and venerated of all Los Angeles hardcore punk bands.

Spearheading the west coast hardcore scene, the band burst into public consciousness with an explosive performance at The Whisky in introduced by future Go Go Belinda Carlisle and KROQ disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer , with Crash then known as Bobby Pyn and Smear joined by bassist Lorna Doom and drummer Donna Rhia, this line-up featuring on debut single, "Forming.

The band's revered status and early innovation kept them on top of the LA punk scene heap, yet Crash ended up overdosing on heroin in December , his death an apparent suicide. Also included a 60x60cm poster! GOAT's only outright declaration for Requiem is that it is their "folk" album, and the album is focused more on their subdued bucolic ritualism than psilocybin freakouts. SOBER ABRAM FOLD Demon Days is the second studio album by English virtual band Gorillaz.

DARE Blending pure, raw emotion with elements of alternative rock; Grayscale delve into their deepest personal thoughts and experiences on their new album What We're Missing. Lyricists Collin Walsh and Dallas Molster call it as they see it, no matter how brutally honest it may be. Coming off their successful "Change EP" released in April , the band hit the studio with producer Gary Cioffi Transit, Misser behind the board to helm the latest and most complete collection of songs to date in their Anchor Eighty Four Records debut full-length, What We're Missing.

With stronger hooks, more intricate instrumentation, and well-narrated stories; WWM is sizing up to be the band's next big step in today's music scene. Vinyl limited to copies, with digital download card. TENSE BLOOM CHUMP SHE The playlist includes 20 hits spanning the band's prolific 31 years as a band, plus a brand new song called "Back In The USA" and a new duet with award-winning Country Music superstar Miranda Lambert on "Ordinary World.

BRAT JADED From The Fires is the band's debut mini-album, which includes the four tracks from their previously released Black Smoke Rising EP along with four new tracks. KILL V. MAIM PIN II Guru's Jazzmatazz, Vol. This album was one of the first albums to combine a live jazz band with hip hop production and rapping. Jazzmatazz, Vol. The variety of guest artists adds diversity and originality to each track, and gives the album a distinct jazz feel.

Continuing with it's Respect The Classics campaign, UMe reissues this classic album back on standard weigh vinyl. FUBT Limited edition copies! BABY The album was recorded last year in residency at London's Somerset House. The exhibition, entitled 'Recording in Progress' saw Harvey, her band, producers Flood and John Parish, and engineers working within a purpose-built recording studio behind one-way glass, observed throughout by public audiences.

Now he's back with a new full length, Kick and it's a solid progression from his previous album, Bury Me In Philly which received wide praise from fans and critics alike. An expert at "melding introspective, often edgy, Americana lyricism with the most irresistible of pop-rock hooks" Rolling Stone , Kick is equally raw and emotional and easily Hause's finest work to date.

OMG COIL COPPE Alfred Lion, founder of Blue Note Records and it's sole producer until , said upon hearing these sessions: "I think this is truly a classic album.

What Joe plays is unbelievable. This is one of the most important albums that I have ever heard. It is definitely one of the best ever made on Blue Note. And I don't mean the new Blue Note.

It's one of the best ever, including all of the records we did in the 50s and 60s. Includes 8-page booklet and reprint of a classic Capitol Records poster.

The Experience were in the midst of recording Electric Ladyland when they were offered the headline status by promoter Michael Lang who would promote the Woodstock festival a year later. Their two electrifying sets have never been released and make their debut here as part of this album. The package includes never before published photos taken at the festival and an essay by award-winning music journalist and Grammy Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli.

This album includes the show as originally recorded on site by Hendrix's long term sound engineer, Eddie Kramer. FIRE MY MAN Combining elements of punk rock and post-hardcore, the band pioneered a blend of music that has inspired bands like the Gaslight Anthem and Against Me!. Hot Water Music - Forever and Counting is currently at legacy status and will remain that way for eternity. These songs shaped an underground movement that is still thriving today. The true underground.

MINNO Originally recorded from Pressed on limited colored vinyl. EVIL Next up is "Lil Ass Gee," the story of a year-old wanna-be gangster. Just a few years ago he was playing with G. Joe dolls, and now he's playing with real guns and making real babies.

On both numbers, the rapper's rich, resonant baritone bleeds into the synth strings with a sense of fatefulness that's chilling to hear. Ice Cube is a mesmerizing storyteller, a seductive vocalist, and a brilliantly inventive producer of aural collages.

It's difficult to imagine a savvier or more satisfying second step. But the real revelation is that the band has wisely ignored a shortsighted perception of their career which dictates that where Bright Lights was an audacious plunge from a great height, Antics is the crucial landing. NARC C'MERE SUPER 8 WAVES MASH U-LOVE Reissue of this album including "Whoops Now, " which was previously made available only as a hidden bonus track on CD and digital versions of the album.

Janet is the fifth studio album by Janet Jackson, released on May 18, Prior to it's release, Jackson was at the center of a high-profile bidding war over her recording contract. After meeting with Virgin owner Richard Branson, she signed with the label.

In the United States, Janet became the singer's third consecutive album to top the Billboard and her first to debut at 1. IF BACK THROB WIND AGAIN It was released by Epic Records on November 30, , as the follow-up to Jackson's critically and commercially successful album Off The Wall.

Thriller explores similar genres to those of Off The Wall, including pop, post-disco, rock and funk. Seven singles were released from the album, all of which reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot In just over a year, Thriller became - and currently remains - the best-selling album of all time, with estimated sales of 65 million copies worldwide.

It has become the first album ever to be certified 32 times multi-platinum for U. The album won a record-breaking eight Grammy Awards in , including Album of the Year. LP Alternative Rock. Replicating the original album artwork. Closer was the second and final studio album by Brits Joy Division, originally released on 18 July Produced by Martin Hannett, it was released two months after the suicide of the band's lead singer and lyricist Ian Curtis.

These are the remastered tracks. Includes two additional tracks. Includes download code for MP3 version of the album. GLASS EMPTY MAZE FAST OH GOD BREAK REACT DDT HEY WHITE Although Kiefer has lent his talents to rappers and vocalists such as Kaytranada and Anderson Paak, his compositional chops mean that the instrumental piano songs on Happysad work beautifully as stand-alone pieces. Kiefer describes Happysad as "my emotional journal of the last year.

I struggle emotionally a lot, and yet I feel pretty damn good much of the time. This album is focused on both joy and sadness, and how they are always intertwined. FOMO Now available on gram vinyl for the first time!

ON TOP This is exciting news! What makes this news even more exciting is that King Buzzo has recorded this record with the fabulously talented bass player Trevor Dunn.

Trevor was a founding member of Mr. It gives this new record a haunted quality which drives the songs to a new level. Another new element is the addition of modular synth, which adds it's own angular sounds to the acoustic guitar and bass. This is an odd combination of sounds not heard before on an all acoustic record.

King Gizz are no longer just a band, they're a youth movement, a cult, an exploration, a double-drumming trip, a cottage vinyl industry. Limited, at least for now, to copies. BETH LOVE Michael's voice has often been compared to the likes of Bill Withers. He's already supported many major artists including Adele.

REST BONES Honest, unabashed, and ambitious, this record is Kiwanuka emerging from the emotional cocoon of his first album, ready to secure his position as one of the most exciting and renowned talents or our time. Within months of its release, a brutal army attack left Fela's Kalakuta Republic compound burnt to the ground and many of its residents, including Fela, assaulted and seriously injured.

LAZY RUST NO ONE CHOKE REAL Spanning their epic career, the unprecedented collection pulls immortal songs from the band's classic studio albums, one of the 20th century's most enduring bodies of musical work. Imagine remains one of his most popular albums. While John's former songwriting partner Paul McCartney may have had a more commercial appeal after the Beatles split, Lennon's work was a bit looser, edgier and laced with wit, wisdom and a dab of venom.

Sometimes shambolic and often beautiful, John's solo work took a separate journey than Paul's but is just as riveting four decades later. The duo broke the barrier between stage and audience by setting themselves up on the floor in the midst of the crowd. Their momentous live performances and the mania they inspired paved the way for similar tactics used by Dan Deacon and literally hundreds of others. Similarly, the bands recordings have always been chaotic, roaring, blown out documents that sound like they could destroy even the toughest set of speakers.

Fantasy Empire, Lightning Bolts sixth album and first in five years, is a fresh take from a band intent on pushing themselves musically and sonically while maintaining the aesthetic that has defined not only them, but an entire generation of noisemakers. It marks many firsts, most notably their first recordings made using hi-fi recording equipment at the famed Machines With Magnets, and their first album for Thrill Jockey.

More than any previous album, Fantasy Empire sounds like drummer Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson are playing just a few feet away, using the clarity afforded by the studio to amplify the intensity they project. Every frantic drum hit, every fuzzed-out riff, sounds more present and tangible than ever before. JAY-Z Channeling boundless self-confidence through a downright earth-quaking voice, colorful persona, and undeniable star power, Lizzo struts into the spotlight and steps up with a whole lot of sass, spirit, and soul.

Embracing her vocal range like never before and celebrating herself to the fullest, she speaks her mind, censors nothing, and delivers an enviable level of honesty, pure passion, and fresh fire. JUICE TEMPO BOYS With new packaging design by Frank Olinsky and updated audio fidelity, it's a dream come true for Luna collectors. Limited to copies on gram White vinyl. Released in , the group turned out a record that replicated all the strengths of the original, but was a little tighter and a little more professional.

This album featured the bands biggest hit single, "Sweet Home Alabama" and reached 12 on the Billboard album charts. This album is being reissued in gram vinyl. The album was originally released on Mute in and saw the band? The album was also named as Amazon's Top Editor's Picks of SAFE AND J. LP Pop. Featuring "Boo'd Up". SAUCE OWN IT TRIP CLOSE The record, which has been remastered and recut, will be out October 4th.

Landing Spin Magazine's albums of the year list upon it's release in who rightly described it as sounding "like maybe some punk band nailing traditional Mexican music without ever approaching smirking novelty HOLY Passionate and symbiotic energies constantly cycle between the band and audience, the net result of which is one of the most memorable concert recordings of the pop music era.

Now available on gram vinyl. The original artwork includes the fold out poster. U Roy joins in on these new versions of the songs that were both political as well as tropical reflecting the everyday life of Kingston, Jamaica.

With his affiliation to Sanctuary Records who recently purchased both the Trojan and RAS Records catalogs , Doctor Dread was granted permission to use those tracks for this project, which he had envisioned so many years before.

That day in the studio in Kingston was pure magic. The sole surviving member of the Wailers, Bunny Wailer, was on hand to experience this session as U Roy ripped through 14 songs in just four hours. The results are staggering and fulfill the demand of all successive artistic efforts- Make It New! So now with an amazing painting of the Rasta last supper gracing the back of the album cover and the musical notes flowing freely from a goblet on front, we are ready to present these remarkable recordings to all Bob Marley and music fans the world over.

Limited to copies. SPOON Now available as a single LP on standard weight vinyl in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary. The project was originally handled by Combat Records, resulting in the first mix of the album being co-produced by Randy Burns. Capitol Records then bought the rights to the album and hired another producer, Paul Lani, to mix it himself. The album's front cover, featuring the band's mascot Vic Rattlehead, was created by Ed Repka. The recording of the album was difficult for the band because of the ongoing drug issues the members had at the time.

This was the last Megadeth album to feature drummer Gar Samuelson and guitarist Chris Poland, who were fired shortly after the album's promotional tour. The title track, noted for it's politically conscious lyrics, was released as the album's lead single. Peace Sells The album has been reissued several times over the years. In , the album was remixed and remastered by Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine, with extensive liner notes detailing the album's background.

In , the three different versions were reissued as part of the album's 25th anniversary celebration. All of them, with the exception of the mixes, feature new remastering. And Justice for All on gram vinyl. Double LP. Blackened Records is the new label for all of Metallica's repertoire. The audio for this release is identical to the Elektra counterpart.

The tune stacks are also identical. CURE Remastered edition of Master of Puppets on gram vinyl. One of the defining albums of thrash metal, the album Master of Puppets is arguably Metallica's best as well as their last with bassist Cliff Burton. Focusing on the concept of power and abuses thereof, this is a collection of complex, intelligent music, played at about a hundred miles an hour.

The striding Battery, the darkly lit Welcome Home Sanitarium , as well as the complex instrumental, Orion, all gave powerful testament to the band's ever-developing skill and vision. An album with lengthy arrangements three songs came in at over eight minutes and an overall eight song onslaught that clocks in at over an hour was unheard of in metal at the time and it confirmed that Metallica was at a different level, a legendary one!

ORION ANGER WOODS HANDS SURF DOORS ROS JUMP Includes the single "Self Care. WINGS DUNNO Limited edition GOLD vinyl! Now in a yellow jacket, remastered and with a download coupon, but at a higher price. LAST KYIV WE ARE The complete song original LP, with the 4 CD bonus tracks included on the download coupon.

TRAIN MICA Subject to its own Pitchfork documentary, listed in numerous prestigious Best Albums of the 90s lists, and destined to be re-discovered by continuous generations, The Lonesome Crowded West stands as the defacto Northwest indie-rock record. Originally released in , it not only helped shape the sound that came to be associated with the American Pacific Northwest, but across these sprawling, wide-open 15 songs, Modest Mouse helped redefine what was possible for guitar music.

As such, The Lonesome Crowded West has often been mimicked, but its awesome open-hearted existentialism and manic ambition has rarely been matched.

A modern classic that demands reappraisal. KISS The kings of hard psychedelic rock present "Spine Of God" a re-release of their first studio album. Originally released in , this milestone is the perfect reincarnation of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Hawkwind.

It has already achieved cult status in the Stoner Rock genre. The album was completely written and produced by singer and mastermind Dave Wyndorf. OZIUM Most as playing a key part in expanding the group's musical horizons in their upcoming releases. CEORA


Destruction Master - Kohruption - Scarred For Life (CD), Crazypillz - Various - Core United (File, MP3), 11 Oclock Tick Tock - U2 - Under A Blood Red Sky (Live) (Vinyl, LP), Last Wordz - 2Pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. (CD, Album), Tehran - The Offspring - The Offspring (Cassette, Album), ええかげん, Haunted When The Minutes Drag (USA Mix) - Love And Rockets - Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven (CD, Al, New Horizons (Phil Dinner Remix), Bata-Batuta - Joey Ayala - Panganay Ng Umaga (CD, Album), Livin In The Ghetto - Q.D. III* - Soundlab (Cassette), One Step Beyond - Willie Nelson - Classic Country (CD), Cant Find The Blues - Debbie Davies - Love The Game (CD, Album), 徒然なるDiary - The Bunnygirl Piss - 能天気ナ夜空ニ虹ガ微笑ム (CDr, Album), Sunglasses At Night - Various - Cultura De Club. 02 (CD)

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