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Sam Alex Prithviraj Sukumaran is a police officer who is heavily dependent on alcoholism to ease the pain of his family loss. Sam was a romantic and peaceful family guy, leading a good life with his family. His loving wife Teena Meghana Raj and beloved daughter were murdered by his enemy right in front of his eyes, and as a result, he turns into an alcoholic. Sam's supervisor Aravindhaksha Menon Vijayaraghavan requests him to proceed with a parallel investigation in a case involving the disappearance and possible kidnapping of several young married men, since the present police team is not able to make any progress in the case.

Sam refuses to this. Later, his mother Marykutty Vanitha Krishnachandran requests him to take up the investigation. Sam soon gets into the case files and consults the postmortem documents and the doctors who conducted it. Soon, Sam is seen making a breakthrough in the case. Another two kidnappings happen in the series, and all this leads to Sam's rough conclusion of the killer. The killer is an eccentric person, has a limp in his feet, and either hates or loves women.

The killer leaves certain clues inscribed by a sharp surgical knife on the chest of the victims. This serves Sam's thinking of what kind of person the killer is and who is his next target. Upon careful examination of the words inscribed in the body of the victims, Sam uncovers that the words are actually Aramaic, the language Jesus used for communication.

The words are later found to point to biblical proverbs, thus helping Sam lead to conclusions that the killer is insane and assumed the victims gave up their lives for the sins committed by their respective wives. He soon figures out that the wives of the kidnapped husbands have links, and they all had to do with a guy who studied with them certain years back. There was no evidence of such a person. Loving You opened nationwide on July 9, , and was a box office success. Walter "Tex" Warner Wendell Corey , a seasoned country and western bandleader past his prime, and his manager and love interest, Glenda Markle Lizabeth Scott , work for the campaign of Texas gubernatorial candidate Jim Tallman.

During a campaign stop in the town of Delville, Deke Rivers Elvis Presley and a workmate deliver an order of beer. While they are unloading, the workmate talks to Glenda about Deke's singing ability, which Glenda jumps on to revive the sagging interest in the event by using local talent. Seeing the positive reception by the female audience, Glenda tries to convince Deke to join the Tex Warner Show.

Driving in Deke's hotrod, she tells him about his potential. Not willing to leave his first steady job in a year, he rejects the offer, but Glenda asks him to think about it. Upon returning to town, Glenda calls the Highway Beverage Company, after which she and Tex quit the Tallman campaign to return to their own roadshow. The following morning, as the group is leaving town, Deke accepts Glenda's offer, after being fired by his employer because of a false complaint to the drinks company by Glenda regarding a fictitious late delivery.

Glenda just happens to have prepared a contract, which grants her half of his income. As Deke's popularity grows, Glenda devises publicity stunts to leverage it. At one show, she pays two aged woman to criticize him. When they start to argue with young fans, Glenda has a press photographer document the incident. As the tour progresses, Deke and Susan become interested in one another. After playing small venues, the group is hired to play in a large Amarillo theater on a four-day run.

Convinced that it is his ticket to regain fame, Tex accepts Glenda's suggestion to share the bill with Deke, after which she calls reporters of The Dallas Chronicle to write a story on Deke.

Later that night, Deke is provoked at a restaurant by the boyfriend of one of his fans, who wants to hear him sing a song. After singing to a tune from the jukebox, he starts a fight with him. He is later exonerated by the police. After the end of the four day engagement, Deke's management is offered a one-man show in Freegate, Texas, outside of Dallas. Due to the terms of the contract, Tex fires Susan and the singing trio, leaving only Deke in the show.

Before he has to begin his new tour, Deke drives Susan to her family's farm. Meanwhile, in another publicity move, Glenda convinces Tex to buy an Imperial against his life insurance for Deke, inventing a story to tell Deke that it was a gift from the widow of an oil magnate.

Back on the farm, Deke and Susan talk, where she tells him about being fired, after which they are about to kiss, when they are interrupted by her parents, who ask him to sing the song he promised. After Deke sings "Loving You", a surprised Susan remarks that she never heard him sing that way; Deke admits that he never felt that way before.

Glenda arrives at the farm with the Imperial, and urges him to leave with her for Freegate to do the show. On their way back, Deke confesses to Glenda that his real surname is Tompkins. Deciding to disclose his past, they drive to Allen City , to the Woodbine cemetery, where he shows her the Tomb of Deke Rivers. He explains that when the orphanage he lived in burned down eleven years earlier, he decided to bury his past, and took Rivers' name.

Meanwhile, in Freegate, the concert is cancelled by the Mayor's office, after they received complaints from parents about Deke's music. Glenda arranges a studio telecast of a concert from Freegate in order to gain publicity; this enables her to convince the town board to allow him to perform. Deke, unhappy, is considering leaving the entertainment business. When Glenda finds out, she talks him into performing, after which they kiss.

On the day of the telecast, Deke is shocked after learning that Tex was married to and later divorced from Glenda. Disillusioned, he drives off before the show. When Glenda finds out about it from Tex, she goes after Deke, finding him after he was run off the road by crossing cattle.

Glenda confesses everything to him: getting him fired and lying about the Imperial, after which she tears up their contract, before convincing him to return for the broadcast. While the concert is delayed, fans are filmed by local newscasters defending Deke's music.

Eventually, an upset Susan arrives to reveal that Deke will not appear on the show. However, Deke does appear shortly after, declaring that he had "something very important to say to somebody", and starts the show by singing "Loving You". As the song ends, Susan goes onstage with him, after which they meet Tex and Glenda backstage. Deke offers to let them both manage him, as he is offered a recording contract. Tex and Glenda reconcile; meanwhile, Deke and Susan kiss.

Elvis Presley plays Deke Rivers whose real name is Jimmy Tompkins , a deliveryman who is discovered by the manager of a band.

The film is Presley's second motion picture following his debut in the film Love Me Tender and his first starring role. It also marked the beginning of his seven-film streak for Paramount produced by Hal Wallis.

Known for her roles in the s and early s, Scott returned from retirement to co-star in the movie. Cast in her first movie role, Hart was discovered by Wallis after he saw her in a production of Joan of Lorraine at Loyola University.

Then named Dolores Hicks, Wallis requested her to change her name to favor her acting career. She adopted Hart, after the maiden surname of a friend.

The actress changed it legally to "Dolores Hart". Becker played similar roles in three later Presley films, G. Blues , Girls! A year earlier, she appeared in another rock and roll film, 's Don't Knock the Rock. Six months before the start of the production, Wallis loaned Presley to 20th Century Fox , where he appeared in his movie debut, the film Love Me Tender.

The producer then selected Hal Kanter to direct the film and to co-write the script with Herbert Baker. Along with Presley's entourage, he went to Shreveport to see the last performance of the singer on the country television show, Louisiana Hayride.

Kanter witnessed the reaction from fans, as well as Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker 's handling of the spectacle, both of which he used as an inspiration for the script. Due to the appeal of Presley's previous film being titled after a song sung by Presley, Wallis selected the final name for the film, using the Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller ballad penned for the movie, "Loving You".

Fontana , and The Jordanaires. Presley did not go to that showing, instead opting to take girlfriend Anita Wood , as well as his parents to a private midnight screening. The film opened nationally on July 30, and peaked at 7 on the Variety National Box Office Survey, staying on the chart for four weeks. Then I roller her over and stuck it in her pussy. She was sopping wet. I told her how i was going to use her ass and make her moan like Nikki, she got really turned on.

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It was New Years Eve and a buddy and I were going to this girl's house that he met on a chat line. Her parents apparently were pretty cool and they said it was all right for us to come over and drink. We weren't 21 yet so we jumped on situations like this as much as possible.

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  1. Loving You is a American musical drama film directed by Hal Kanter and starring Elvis Presley, Lizabeth Scott, and Wendell film was Presley's first major starring role, following his debut in a supporting role in the film Love Me film follows a delivery man who is discovered by a music publicist and a country–western musician who want to promote the talented.
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  4. If you don’t make love to me, I’m going to fire your mom.” We had a secret affair for a year until she remarried. I married Nikki and she no the wiser but I have my memories of her mother sucking my cock after being ass fucked all night. Open the Cupboard.
  5. Memories is a Indian Malayalam-language crime thriller film written and directed by Jeethu Joseph, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Miya, Vijayaraghavan, Suresh Krishna, S. P. Sreekumar and Meghana film is produced by P. K. Muralidharan and Santha Murali under the banner of Anantha Visions. The film follows Sam Alex (Prithviraj), a drunkard cop, who is forced to investigate a series.
  6. Jan 03,  · The fat, happy Santa of our childhood memories is actually based on the fearsome Norse god of war – Odin. 6. Then there’s Sleeping Beauty, who was not kissed awake by a loving prince, but raped by a king and woken by childbirth. 4. Frisbees were created by greed Frisbee toys are a staple feature of all family outings: at every picnic.
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