Nemphomaniac (Razzaq Solo) - Dice (5) - Red Rain / Evil Angelz Runnin Thru Hell (CD, Album)

Download Nemphomaniac (Razzaq Solo) - Dice (5) - Red Rain / Evil Angelz Runnin Thru Hell (CD, Album)
Label: Fallen Angelz Ent. - none • Format: 2x, CD Album, Reissue • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •

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He'll talk about lost metal crates and will ask you to go to Ava in Draynor Manor to get him a metal crate detector. Make sure you have Ava's accumulator and a Spade , then talk to Ava.

She'll make ' Ava's alerter ' for you, then hide a crate in the grounds so you can test it. Equip it and scan the grounds. The more Bwuk! The crate is north-east of the fountain see image. Keep doing this until "Bwuk! Note: When you get 'Bwuk! Return to the three Wise monkeys and scan the grounds for metal crates. There are five scattered around the desert north of the monkeys, west of the Desert Mining Camp and the exact locations vary between players, hwoever they are found roughly within the circled areas in the image below.

Two of them will contain gems keep them! While digging for crates, a level 72 Scarab may spawn from the ground appear. You'll need to kill it and then dig in the same spot again to obtain a metal crate.

Acquire the rugs, then return to the monkeys. TIP: To avoid multiple trips to the bank, get a Beast of Burden such as a Spirit terrorbird 52 summoning , War Tortoise 67 summoning , or higher to store the items listed below for you. Construct three filled stalls and a tent, then talk to the monkeys twice. They'll ask you to gather 6 monkey knives from some fierce monkeys of Ape Atoll.

Go to Ape Atoll , with your Gorilla greegree and some food. Go to the building west of the jail, morph into a gorilla and punch a monkey knife fighter. Pickpocket him once or twice before he wakes up. Keep doing this until you have 6 knives, then return to the three Wise monkeys. Talk to them and they will tell you you're done. After a short cutscene, tell her about the monkeys and she will tell you to return to the camp, as something is not right. Return to the desert monkey camp and see the chaos that was caused.

Search a nearby monkey corpse and a ghost will appear. Attempt to speak to the ghost and you'll find you can't understand it. Use your ghostspeak amulet on your M'speak amulet and you will create a Cramulet. Equip it, then talk to the monkey ghost and he'll tell you what happened.

The Wise monkeys have been captured, and the first one is in the Pollnivneach well, guarded by a boss. TIP: Be sure to bring lots of food for each of the three boss sisters you'll be fighting. You can head to a bank after killing a boss, so you have lots of chances to prepare for battle.

It is recommended to wear the desert clothing and note the 10 bananas, 3 knives, and 3 waterskins, so that all items can be carried in one trip. To start building, remove the rubble from the four building spots. Build the stalls in the stall plots and build the tent in the tent plot. When the stalls are built, they must be stocked with goods. You can simply click on the stall and navigate through the interface.

After building the colony, the wise monkeys will complain that they aren't adequately protected and send you to steal six monkey knives from the king's guards. The wise monkeys tell you that you will need great strength to knock them out and pickpocket them, so you will need a gorilla greegree.

Head back to Ape Atoll and find the building with the monkey knife fighters , located directly north of Tutab's Magical Market. After collecting all six knives, return to the three wise monkeys and hand the knives over. After handing the knives over, talk to the three wise monkeys again to find out they are finally done with your help.

After handing over the knives to the three wise monkeys, return to Senliten , where a cutscene will show Osman demanding that Leela return to her post in Draynor, but she will refuse. In order to get the cutscene, make sure to enter the pyramid and choose the "Directly to Queen" option If you travel via speaking to Leela in Draynor, first return to surface and re-enter the pyramid.

Senliten will congratulate you on what a great job you've done, but then she pauses and notes that something is wrong. She asks you to return to the colony quickly. You won't be able to use the magic carpet to get there, so use the Bandit Camp lodestone. When you arrive, you will find the colony in ruins. Investigate a corpse to make a dead monkey appear. You won't be able to understand it unless you somehow figure out how to get the effects of both the monkeyspeak amulet and the ghostspeak amulet.

Use one of the amulets on the other to combine them to make a cramulet , and then try to talk to the ghost monkey again. You can additionally combine a camulet and a catspeak amulet with the cramulet. Wearing your newly combined amulet, the ghost monkey will tell you that three masked murderers kidnapped the three wise monkeys and massacred everyone else in the colony, although he will claim that he somehow managed to stay alive.

The ghost monkey will tell you that he knows where they are keeping Iwazaru and will direct you to the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. Leeuni is the first boss monster encountered, a creation of Amascut. However, killing a mighty banshee to pass the barrier is not required this time. On passing the barrier a cut scene will play. It is possible that the last cut scene from Smoking Kills plays when you pass the barrier, although Leeuni and Iwazaru are in place.

In this case you will need to pass the barrier again to trigger this quest's cut scene. During the fight, Leeuni can force the player's helmet off, which can cause the player to take damage from the smoke and lower their player's stats if not re-equipped fast enough. If the player's inventory is full, Leeuni cannot remove the player's helmet and becomes enraged, instantly dealing damage. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep one item slot free and watch your inventory. If you should die, your grave appears outside of the well.

This can easily be reached using a chipped house teleport tablet or a slayer ring. After defeating Leeuni, Apmeken will appear. She says that "she" plucked words from her lips and moulded them into Leeuni. She could no longer reassure the desert people, so they turned distrustful and fought with one another. You will then talk to Iwazaru, and you will automatically return with him to the colony. Speak to the ghost monkey again the cramulet will be required and he says that he's managed to locate Mizaru.

Mizaru is being held hostage in the Kalphite Hive in a room adjacent to that of the Kalphite Queen. Ayuni is the second boss monster encountered and can be accessed through a tunnel in the north wall of the Kalphite Queen 's chamber in the Kalphite Hive B I Q. As it is very likely that you will be attacked by the Kalphite Queen or one of the guardians , it is useful to bring an antipoison for the trip or the poison purge aura.

It's also necessary to bring two ropes to get down the tunnel entrance if you have never visited the Kalphite Queen. You may want to get to Ayuni first and quickly exit her lair through a secret entrance; this will unlock a shortcut near the colony for quick future access to Ayuni or, after the quest is completed, a room full of kalphites and one click away from the Queen.

If you die, your gravestone appears outside the Kalphite Hive in the desert. If you respawn in Lumbridge, you can run back to your grave in under 2 minutes. It should be noted that prayer is highly ineffective while fighting Ayuni, as her attacks drastically drain your prayer points. After the battle, Apmeken will appear again.

She will say that "she" chipped her sight from her eyes, which bore Ayuni. This opens into a super creepy bathroom. Go down the stairs and cut back to your left. Grab the handgun ammo out of the first tub and the chem fluid out of the last one.

Carefully walk toward the hallway on your right. A molded will pour through the hole in the wall. Around the same time, one will drop from the ceiling to your right. Your best strategy remains face shooting. Grab the green herb from the hole in the wall as you pass and continue along the hallway.

The next room is the boiler room. The shotgun will drop them with one headshot. Pick up the shotgun shells from the cart along the far wall and the strong chem fluid from the locker by the door on your way out. Use the dissection room key to unlock this door and shove the very heavy door open. Turn right before anything else and get the shotgun shells out of the locker.

Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.


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