Par Dzeju - Gustavo (6) - Beidzot! (CD, Album)

Download Par Dzeju - Gustavo (6) - Beidzot! (CD, Album)
Label: Gailītis-G - GGCD 286 • Format: CD Album • Country: Latvia • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta, Thug Rap, Pop Rap

Oh, par Excelsis biju piemirsis - interesanta banda. Alda - Passage www. Gore version :D www. September Of What Remains Abi zinami un abi labi patika. Brinums ka kautka neviens vel nebija pieminejis vinjus te, labi ka tu tagad atgadinaji, bus japarklausas. Slayer nepavilka. Leave's Eyes nepavilka. Starp citu, jaunais Stratovarius ir itin labs. RateBeer es ielieku alum 3. Vairs jau ar neko nevajag.

Nezina vis. Satans Tomb. We came from the valley below and with our naked eyes We saw the saviour being crucified His sacrifice was so clear, for all our sins he died Now you'll see fire falling from the sky Destruction by fire - From the sky The wrath of the sire - From the sky All is forever changing and all of you Heathens be frightened and know The winds of change will blow All will be conquered by The christhammer will strike the evil down He'll rock the earth and shake the ground Calling!

The christhammer will crush the infidels He will return, send you to hell Alone I was stricken to be the one with second sight Chosen to see then lead the circle of light I hid the hammer away, then the future to me was revealed I scribed my visions of the broken seals Four horsemen coming - Seven seals Broken and bloody - Fate revealed A revelation for you all Heathens be frightened and know The winds of change will blow All will be conquered by Answer by Jeshuajeshua It doesn't appear so.

If you play the song backwards you can hear the satanic message: "Rise master. Hail mighty satan! Deliver unto us armageddon. King Diamond, what have you done, twisted the minds of us all King Diamond, sinister son of the devil himself King Diamond, what have you done, twisted the minds of us all King Diamond, sinister son of the devil himself Demons and witches will raise the undead, things will go bump in the night His face is there painted a menacing head, he's bathing himself in the moonlight Locked in the attic and burning the candle, he'll sing of the family ghost Missy and grandma will echo his message : never should we break the oath Don't look in his eyes they're black as the night He'll make you see things in the shadows Sinister siren of Satan himself You'll never escape when he bellows Now say his name!

King Diamond, what have you done, twisted the minds of us all King Diamond, sinister son of the devil himself King Diamond, what have you done, twisted the minds of us all King Diamond, sinister son of the devil himself Melissa The princess of hell His legend kept growing and quickly it spreads, his evil it flew on the wind One day he will visit the land of the dead but don't think his haunting will end Crossing the river he's there next to Charon, making his way cross the Styx There on his forehead burning and branded his upside down crucifix Don't look in his eyes they're black as the night He'll make you see things in the shadows Sinister siren of Satan himself You'll never escape when he bellows Now say his name!

King Diamond, what have you done, twisted the minds of us all King Diamond, sinister son of the devil himself King Diamond, what have you done, twisted the minds of us all King Diamond, sinister son of the devil himself King Diamond! King Diamond! October Phenome Alley Edgars Kebbe links. Gints Knoks links. Oless Hristenko links. Ingmars links. RigaBrain links. Reinholds Zviedris links.

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Didzis Melbiksis links. Viktorija links. Dins Aviks links. Sigita Zviedre links. Katrina Tomasicka links. Andrejs Jerkins links. Martins Mazkalns links. Ilze Blauberga links. Artis links. German Munich, Germany: E. Das Spiel von den sieben Farben.

WARD, James. Colour harmony and contrast for the use of art students, designers and decorators. German Mu Nich, Germany: J. Color-names and their congeners: a semasiological investigation. English Halle, Germany: Max Niemeyer. Etude comparative sur les noms des couleurs. French Paris, France: Chevalier-Marescq. A note on color for teachers of elementary schools. Color problems: a practical manual for the lay student of color. The philosophy of color. German Berlin, Germany: Schmidt.

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Science of colors and rhythm. CARY, D. Colour mixing and paint work, a practical manual for painters, sign writers, artists, colourmen. English London, England: Technical Press.

Colour blindness. With a comparison of different methods of testing colour-blindness. One of the topics in her artistic work has been dynamics and power-positions in art scenes. In she realized a permanent public artwork in Trabzon, Turkey.

She has been working with the issue of nationalism in her artistic work as well as theoretically, in connection to contemporary art, together with sociologist Sezgin Boynik. Currently, with the aim at better understanding the political operations of today, she is interested in exploring history, and its narration, especially regarding the legacy of the Left.

Specifically made for the Survival Kit 5 exhibition, and is a result of a brief research into issues surrounding the statue of V. Lenin that was located on the Brivibas Bulvaris in the center of Riga from to The iconic images of the toppling of the monument on the 25th of August were spread all around the world as symbolic moment of victory of democracy and freedom. The democracy and freedom that was gained could now perhaps be questioned in the context of the economic crisis, and Latvian participation in NATO and in EU.

Artist and curator based in Oslo. During the last years she has been working with issues of power and freedom in the Scandinavian post-welfare state through videos, picture collections, sculpture and photography. Hjort Guttu also writes analytical as well as poetical texts and has created several works dealing with historical art. The film follows an 8 year old boy at a primary school in Oslo, Norway.

Through interviews and filming school hours it looks at the conflict between his strong desire for freedom and participation and the framework put forward by the school. Freedom Requires Free People questions the conditions of critical thinking within educational institutions and, in a broader sense, within society.

The film was the central piece of the extensive exhibition Learning for Life at Henie Onstad art centre, Norway, and has been shown at exhibitions and festivals worldwide. Less examined is what happened to the notorious symbol itself. My work is a search for the Lenin-statue that many believe has been cut into pieces for bronze-mongers, some others think it has got lost in the whirl of privatization. A collector.

Taking part in Survival Kit for the third time. He was charged with large scale theft of socialist property. The punishment for this was execution by shooting or at best, a prison camp. He challenged this. Mountains of paper and evidence, promises to cooperate and denunciations ensured that he saved himself — a two and a half year suspended sentence. He researched the battles of the Red Army and the partisans in the Civil war, rewrote the evidence, collected proof, informed about untrue articles in magazines and books, and asked for the correction of documents.

He rewrote history, rehabilitated heroes, and received their posthumous medals. He went on the pension and created himself an army. A plasticine army. Two full television boxes with war equipment and soldiers. He won…. Bija karsta vasara. The boxes stood out in the courtyard. It was a hot summer. The plasticine army was melting. It was flattening out under its own weight, got stuck together and ended up in a formless, colourless mass.

They try to pinpoint situations where resistance is necessary. Project initiated in November , containing actions performed in everyday life. The bureau perceives the concept of normality as a prison: holding everyone in captivity, functioning as an effective control mechanism that evaluates our abilities as productive citizens, determining if we are able to live as expected in society.

By being irrational, illogical or act on a whim or impulse, uncertainty is created, and this uncertainty makes way for new thoughts and ideas. With a subtle and humble approach, each action has been planned, executed and documented with the aim at building up a vast collection. Has been participating in exhibitions since People infect each other with various views religious, economic, conspiracy theories, superstitions, ideas about different values et al.

And I agree that things lose their value in calling them by their name. Mystery permits unlimited possibilities for meaning.

In some way, words kill the idea. True also was the outrage she had suffered: only the circumstances were false, the time, and one or two proper names. Pointing to the dominating vagueness in the possibilities of interpretation, the instruments of manipulation and power which are used to create one way of perceiving or thinking are highlighted.

The absurd and reality of time, space and imagination. Artist and photographer born and based in Kiev, Ukraine. Also deeply personal issues occupy his work, specifically such themes as physicality and sexuality. Throughout the world, political parties associate themselves with certain colours: blue, white, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, black… All of them are not random. In this work, pictures from the protests and campaigns of political demonstrations have been cleaned — slogans, logos and any other political symbols are removed.

Resistance Colour explores the psychological visual markers of political advertising and tracks how the colour environment influences the formation of the emotional state of the audience in the process of mass political communication. Performance every 10 minutes September 5 I am interested in borderline situations, transformations, mutual reflection, ambiguity, contradictions and the reevaluation of values.

Often the human-like figures, like an inaccurate mirror reflection, in a slightly deformed symmetry, are placed opposite each other. Is currently based in Berlin and Zagreb. In her work she is busy with the cross media field of research and creation between disciplines such as visual and performing arts. Her practice does not exclude any medium and with its conceptual and multidisciplinary approach gives a chance for any means of production to be realized.

The work is often multidisciplinary, site-specific, engages particular communities, questions monetary values and explores notions of exchange through which different social relations are established. While examining identity and intimacy she question how can different actions of the body in particular social, cultural and urbanistic sphere determinate the human behavior, influence experience and affect us.

Work that activates and documents a five-month durational performance. Over this period of time, Nina Kurtela establishes a daily practice of visiting and witnessing the changes at the building site of the Uferstudios, Wedding, Berlin — the warehouse for the repair of public trams and buses becomes a dance institution.

She is spectator to the making of an institution, an art institution, the making of the theatre stage. The work emerges in the force field of a commitment to the daily execution of present-ness in relation to the specific context where this act takes place: the building site of the theatre.

What unfolds is a 8-minute work with multifaceted implications. The body is rendered a statue through the changes of time. The screen becomes the performing skin. Ienaidnieku dejas lielkoncerts. They stood around in circles and wrestled, turning Headspins, Backspins, Handglides and Windmills, backs, heads and arms whirling, legs turning like windmills.

They were contests inspired by events which began in the s in the South Bronx, when the feuding street gangs replaced their bloody battles for a moment with break dance battles. The winners won respect, and the losers no longer interfered in their territory.

I met Mehdi by a lighthouse in Casablanca, Morroco in February His light trousers flashed at the base of the lighthouse. Together they create my tireless fighter. I include banalities and the grotesque in the works. Humane issues are important, an invitation to cross the borders of prejudice and fear. Painting is a basic value, but for me the experiment with a difficult to predict result, stage design and performance is also important.

How to persuade people if they do not understand your language, and tell as many people as possible that they are stupid and you smart and vice versa , and how in 5 seconds make everyone realize that you are a colossal b His research areas include language, power, politics, and society that Laganovskis dissects in ruthlessly harsh directness.

A universal collapsible rostrum. Two for each resident of Latvia. You can always give some subservient and required views, decorated according to your taste and wishes. Buy it once, speak seven times. Chide yourself, not the rostrum. Each speech is a creation of a new you. God gave us the rostrum, Satan, the speakers. He who talks sows, he who listens, gathers the harvest. To travel to Latvia with a rostrum is the same as to travel to Paris with your wife.

The more one talks, the more chance there is of doubt. The rostrum tolerates lies. Do you like Stalin? Currently lives and works in Shanghai and Amsterdam. Other activities include commissioned artworks for the public space, film directing, teaching, writing, sound and video editing.

The artworks seldom convey any explicit message or singular idea, but rather propose ways to relate to the world, how it is presented and what mechanisms and components constitute our perception and understanding of it.

By dissecting, editing, cutting up, repositioning and forcing perspective, Lester aspires to captivate and engage. Ultimately his artworks suggest both rational consciousness as well as associative magic thought. Intention was to find and record soundtracks that can be considered purely visual compositions. As such the compositions selected can almost be considered theatrical props; elements or tools to construct a dramatic narrative.

Initially the recordings were made with no intention to publish or distribute. Never the less, since the selection of silent movie soundtracks — and for that matter, the whole area of musical composition for silent movies — seems to have been lost, discarded or forgotten, the CD has become a rare attempt to document some of the very rich and creative musical and visual compositions of the twentieth century.

The artists have gained masters degrees from the Latvian Academy of Art, Liene — in sculpture, and Maija — in graphics. At times the sisters work together. The tandem has created a number of plasticine animation works, which have gained recognition in the local as well as the foreign music video and advertising clip scene.

Adding value to each other within the structure of Survival Kit 5, the cooperation between the sisters will be visible in animation, ceramics and sculpture. The essence of every revolution is the change-over of the old order by a new one — in order for something new to be created, the old must be destroyed.


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9 thoughts on “ Par Dzeju - Gustavo (6) - Beidzot! (CD, Album) ”

  1. "Beidzot!" ir latviešu mūziķa Gustavo debijas albums, kas nācis klajā gadā. Albumā kā viesmākslinieki piedalījušies - Čižiks, Žaks (S.T.A.), Guiseppe, DJ Monstrs un instrumentālās mūzikas projekts Kuba. Kopkompozīcijā ir 23 dziesmas, kurā katra dziesma ir saistīta ar iepriekšējo un nāminer-all.netējs: Gailītis G.
  2. Nu tad beidzot ir Ir paveikts! — Ar šiem vārdiem aizsākas repera Gustavo albums «Beidzot!», un tas nav brīnums. Šā darba gatavošana ieilgusi uz pāris gadiem, un brīžiem jau šķita, ka disks dienasgaismu neieraudzīs. Taču beidzot ir Ir — veikalu plauktos!
  3. Šī tēma daļēji turpinās arī kompozīcijās «Testaments» un «Varbūt tikai mierinājums», kurā Gustavo izmanto sava vectēva dzeju. Kopumā albums atstāj nedaudz saraustītu iespaidu, ko es varētu skaidrot ar dažādu laika posmu dziesmu apvienošanu vienā veselā, tomēr saturiski un muzikāli «Beidzot!» ir uzskatāms par.
  4. „Beidzot!” muzikālais materiāls radies vairāku gadu garumā un, kā apgalvo Gustavo, atspoguļo viņa pārdzīvojumus, pārdomas un atziņas. Gribētu šo ierakstu pat nosaukt par tādu kā retrospekciju, izlasi, kurā apkopoti dažādu laika posmu muzikālie pieturas punkti.
  5. Populārais dīdžejs, striptīza grupas «Male Empire Night out Show» dejotājs DJ Gustavito un viņa mīļotā sieviete televīzijas šova «Latvijas princese» dalībniece Sanita Kubliņa otro reizi kļūs par .
  6. «Mans nākamais albums būs lautas ieraksts ar gadsimta dzeju. Labi?» gadā Stings paziņoja savai ierakstu kompānijai. «Labi, Sting!» skanēja atbilde. 61 gadu vecais mūziķis kopā ar «The Police» un pats ar saviem soloalbumiem ir pārdevis vairāk nekā miljonu ierakstu kopiju visā pasaulē un var atļauties ierakstīt pilnīgi jebko.
  7. Filmas „Izklaides karalis” („The Greatest Showman”) aktieru ansambļa iedziedātais albums jau piecas nedēļas ir aizvadījis Lielbritānijas albumu topa miner-all.netā. Vai grupai The Wombats būs pa spēkam to mainīt? Pašlaik rokeri no Liverpūles atrodas vistuvāk krāšņās filmas iedvesmojošo dziesmu kolekcijai, tomēr viņiem būs jāpieliek lielas pūles, lai nopelnītu savu.
  8. Esam jau gadsimtā, bet tikai šomēnes beidzot kāds mūziķis ir iedomājies par mazajiem murrātājiem, lai arī viņi uz brīdi spētu atslābināties un izbaudīt mūzikas skaņas. Čellists un komponists Deivids Teie nolēmis radīt nevis dziesmu, bet gan veselu mūzikas albumu, kas paredzēts tieši kaķiem.

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