Rockin Bass - Q-Ic & Friends* - My House (Vinyl)

Download Rockin Bass - Q-Ic & Friends* - My House (Vinyl)

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Borshulyak - This Time 8. MeMil lan, R. Nlollet, B. Moutaw, A. Peer, K. Ramsey, K. Reed, K. Riley, K. Roberts, D. Sampson, R. Sehaek, T. Sehmillen, D. Springer, Nl. Storms, Nl. Stottern, L. Sutton, L. Taylor, J. Tholnpson, S. Thompson, T. Tia, C. Trunzo, D. Nine positions were open for the Academic Decath- lon team. Coached by Mrs. Gilmore, these students began preparing early for the big competition held in November.

Teachers in various academic areas helped tutor them during lunch. At the district meet, the team competed in six academic areas, interviews, essays, speeches, and in the super quiz. The second haU of Academic League took place in the spring with the quiz bowl.

Team members took part in a quiz game. The ques- tions ranged from academics to pure trivia. The team practiced hard during lunch and competed weekly against other schools. Intense reading! Academic Decathlon team members front left to right: S.

Lieggi, F. Stallworth, Mrs. Gilmore, T. Weslowski, S. Kenoyer, P. Sanchez, M. Cullins, J. Walker, T. It's outrageousness!! It's relationships, unity, strength in numbers, and many new fron- tiers. It's Campus Life, the largest club at Santana, who provided support and guid- ance for students from every walk of lde.

Charlie, Teresa, Dave, and students tried to promote a "balance" in the lives of many Sultans. When we asked what was most valuable about Campus Life Wendy Halloway called it, "a positive influence," and Dave Gauthier called it "a great place to find out who people really are inside.

K , a,,,. My buddy! We're so G. Where's the pizza? Relaxing at the meetings, Pat Espinoza. Hola riendship explained what Iclub was all about. The Iclub was a group of about 25 people that helped our exchange students feel more at home "on the other side ofthe world!

Most importantly, the Iclub assured friendships that often lasted long after the exchange students went home. Thaxton, C. Denman, C. Tucker, B. Bennett, K. Lynch, K. Millen, S. Diaz, T. Ringer, B. Brown, R. Campbell, J. Rosen, R. Starcovich, M. Villanueva, K. Sigler, R. Schroeder, NI. Zastoupil, B. Bennett, C. Edwards, B. Bennett, B. Bennett, R. Yeager, J. Bellows, NI. Pata, R.

There were so many different types ofpeople at Santana that a Fashion Club was almost a necessity. The Fashion Club helped bring these people together with something that they could all relate to. The Fashion Club was lucky to have such courageous leaders. With all of their sup- port the Fashion Club grew tremendously.

Its membership almost doubled in only one year. It will continue to grow as long as it has the same type of leadership. The Fash- ion Club will never go out ofstyle because there will always be different types of peo- ple.

Marvin, A. Ortinez, E. Brown 54 Looking for a Club Mr. Forster, K. Eubank, J. Palmer, R. Putzbach, S. Martin, R. Gomez, D. Pendleton, C. Siekert, T. Burns, J. Estrada, S. Diaz, K. Lynch, V. Scoh, J. Palmer, C. The Key Club was a public service club that enjoyed helping the community. It sponsored such things as a Blood Drive, the Jr. Olympics, Special Olympics and some I0 kilometer runs. They also helped out at the Home of Guiding Hands on occasion. The people in charge ofthe Key Club must have been pretty special to want to help the community so much.

Forster was the advisorfor the Key Club. Jenne Palmer was the President, and ran most of the meet- ings. The people that worked with her were Trent Burns, V. The Fishing Club was a club that brought all of the people that loved to fish together at Santana. The Fishing Club attended at least two tournaments a month. They had to wake up between and 4 a.

Even in the fun clubs you have to do things that are hard. Berray, M. Harold, M. Kellner, T. Reardon, S. Simonton, M. Waller, V. Zapia, D. Springer, B. Jette, M. Gathwright, R.

Traisi, Mr. Contreras, B. Jones, B. Colembieski, C. Scott, J. Snyder, J. Cohn, D. Massie, M. Sara, R. Locklear, R. Traisi, T. Cuellar, R. Caha, M. Gathwright, J. Jette, F. Both Varsity and J. They attended cheer camp in Irvine and won a spirit award, first and second place ribbons, and a hardest working award,' it was time well spent. The addition of three guys to the Varsity squad created a new and exciting atmo- sphere. The guys promoted spirit and con- tributed their strength to build daring pyr- amids and help with the stunts.

The hard work of both the Varsity and J. They encouraged the players and made every game exciting for everyone who attended. Zorger, S. Gilmore, M. McDonald, M. Korhummel, 2nd row: M. Higgins, S. Bruce, I. Wagner, S. Early, M. Schneider, 3rd row: C. Wom J. Freeman, K. Ellery, T Goldberg. Calhoun, H. Lehman, 2nd row: C.

Vargas, M. King, K. Kelso, 3rd row: M. Storms, D. N 5' gig. VM' V V. Schneider, M. Korhummel cheer on the. LK volleyball team. XXx ' N. X Vvm '. Xf as. T edious practices filled with hours of rig- orous workouts enabled the teams to have a successful season.

All ofthe players agreed, waterpolo is an exciting, fast moving sport and a good way to build up stamina and endurance. Coach Phil Sinatra pushed the team through with high expectations and praise where needed.

Although at times he had to criticize, it only made the players work harder. Winning was not the main concern for these guys.

Just knowing that they could always do better proved that they were all winners! Get out of my way! Abbe, L. Williams, J. Rasmusson, B. Garner, E. Williams, D. Keithly, I4 T apia, Coach P. Newman, S. Howie, P. Goff K Welsh, D. Lamboy, J. Garcia, J. Clemmens, D. Cook mums 21 1 av Varsity top row: Coach P. Sinatra, M. Ludke, D. Wooten, T Carrillo, K. Milne, S. Goldwasser, R. Chavez, M. DeSalvo, K. Milne, C. Strailey, J. Rosen fManugerj l f Q Where's the ball? Aw coach, give us a break!

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