Schemes - dEFDUMp - David Versus Corporate Society + Circles Closing EP (Cassette, Album)

Download Schemes - dEFDUMp - David Versus Corporate Society + Circles Closing EP (Cassette, Album)

Label: Kablio Muzika - KM016 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Lithuania • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore

In fact, Thompson claimed that she was so distraught by the film that she even walked out of it before she saw the two last segments, Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria , because she did not want to be subject to any more of the film's "brutalization". The website's critical consensus reads, "A landmark in animation and a huge influence on the medium of music video , Disney's Fantasia is a relentlessly inventive blend of the classics with phantasmagorical images.

Religion writer Mark I. Pinsky considers Fantasia to be one of the more problematic of Disney's animated features in that it was intended as much as for adults as children and not what people had come to expect. Hawkins, and the RCA Manufacturing Company for their "outstanding contribution to the advancement of the use of sound in motion pictures through the production of Fantasia ", and the other to Stokowski "and his associates for their unique achievement in the creation of a new form of visualized music in Walt Disney's production Fantasia , thereby widening the scope of the motion picture as entertainment and as an art form".

The film ranked number 58 in Years In the late s, four shots from The Pastoral Symphony were removed that depicted two characters in a racially stereotyped manner. A black centaurette called Sunflower was depicted polishing the hooves of a white centaurette, and a second named Otika appeared briefly during the procession scenes with Bacchus and his followers.

Disney had wanted Fantasia to be an ongoing project, with a new edition being released every few years. Another segment, Debussy's Clair de lune , was developed as part of the film's original program. After being completely animated, it was cut out of the final film to shorten its lengthy running time.

The animation depicted two Great white herons flying through the Florida Everglades on a moonlit night, with more focus towards the segment's background art than the animation. In , a workprint of the original was discovered and Clair de Lune was restored, complete with the original soundtrack of Stokowski with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

In , the Los Angeles Times reported that animators Wolfgang Reitherman and Mel Shaw had begun work on Musicana , "an ambitious concept mixing jazz, classical music, myths, modern art and more, following the old Fantasia format". Proposed segments for the film included a battle between an ice god and a sun goddess set to Finlandia by Sibelius, one set in the Andes to the songs of Yma Sumac , another featuring caricatures of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and an adaptation of The Emperor's Nightingale which would have featured Mickey as the nightingale's owner, similar to his role in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The project was shelved in favor of Mickey's Christmas Carol. Roy E. Disney , the nephew of Walt, co-produced Fantasia which entered production in and features seven new segments performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with conductor James Levine.

Fantasia premiered at Carnegie Hall on December 17, as part of a five-city live concert tour, followed by a four-month engagement in IMAX cinemas [] and a wide release in regular theatres, in Early development for a third film began in , with a working title of Fantasia Plans were made to include The Little Matchgirl by Roger Allers and One by One by Pixote Hunt in the film before the project was shelved in , with the proposed segments released as individual short films.

The short features Elmer Fudd [] in the role of Taylor, wearing his styled glasses, who introduces two segments set to pieces by Johann Strauss Tales from the Vienna Woods and the Blue Danube Waltz , the former featuring Porky and Bugs and the latter featuring Daffy. The animated television series The Simpsons references Fantasia in a few episodes.

Matt Groening , the creator of franchise , expressed a wish to make a parody film named Simpstasia ; it was never produced, partly because it would have been too difficult to write a feature-length script. In , BBC Music created a music education scheme similar to Fantasia called Ten Pieces , intended to introduce children to classical music. Spanning two films in and , several pieces featured in the Fantasia films are also included.

The structure was of the magic hat from The Sorcerer's Apprentice. For the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris , Mickey was depicted in a special version of his Sorcerer's Apprentice outfit with his friends wearing similar outfits. In , Atari released a game called Sorcerer's Apprentice for the Atari , based on that segment of Fantasia.

The player, as Mickey Mouse, must collect falling stars and comets which will prevent the marching brooms from flooding Yen Sid's cavern. The player controls Mickey Mouse, who must find missing musical notes scattered across four elemental worlds based upon the film's segments. There are several film reel levels based on some of the movie's segments such as Sorcerer's Apprentice and Night on Bald Mountain that appear in the Epic Mickey games. Yen Sid and Chernabog also make cameo appearances in the games Yen Sid the sorcerer from The Sorcerer's Apprentice narrates the openings and endings of the two games and served as the creator of the Wasteland.

The game utilizes the Kinect device to put players in control of music in a manner similar to Harmonix' previous rhythm games, affecting the virtual environment and interactive objects within it. The game features licensed contemporary rock music such as Queen and Bruno Mars. Mickey, in his Sorcerer's Apprentice guise, appears as a playable character in Disney Infinity. A live concert presentation of the film named Disney Fantasia: Live in Concert , showcases various segments from both Fantasia and Fantasia The concert version features a live symphony orchestra and piano soloist accompanying projected high definition video segments.

The Fantasia concert was still touring throughout the world as late as Several elements from the film appear in television series Once Upon a Time. As the series progressed, the hat was shown to have the ability to absorb others, and those it absorbed would appear as a star on the hat.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice himself makes an appearance, where he is an old man who guards the hat in the Enchanted Forest. Musical score conducted by Leopold Stokowski.

Performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra , except as noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Hee Norman Ferguson Wilfred Jackson. Walt Disney Ben Sharpsteen. Joe Grant Dick Huemer. Leopold Stokowski Deems Taylor. Walt Disney Productions. Release date. Running time. Main article: Fantasound. I had Fantasia set for a wide screen. I had dimensional sound To get that wide screen I had the projector running sideways I had the double frame.

But I didn't get to building my cameras or my projectors because the money problem came in The compromise was that it finally went out standard with dimensional sound. I think if I'd had the money and I could have gone ahead I'd have a really sensational show at that time. It may run 10, 20 or 30 years. It may run after I'm gone. Fantasia is an idea in itself. I can never build another Fantasia. I can improve. I can elaborate. That's all. Musical score: The Nutcracker Suite Op.

Musical score: Symphony No. Miller Lorna S. Johnston Jr. Youngquist and Harry Hamsel. Shull, Robert W. Carlson Jr. Pike, John F. British Board of Film Classification. July 21, Retrieved January 10, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Retrieved March 6, Retrieved July 14, The Numbers. Retrieved April 13, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved January 17, February Millimeter Magazine. Archived from the original on November 28, Retrieved October 28, Walt Disney Co. Google Scholar. Retrieved October 16, The New York Times. Retrieved January 21, The Southeast Missourian.

Retrieved January 16, The Montreal Gazette. May 8, Retrieved February 12, The Seattle Times. Retrieved September 13, Disney Stories: Getting to Digital. Springer New York. Retrieved February 5, Archived from the original on October 30, Retrieved October 30, Chicago Tribune.

Time Magazine. November 18, Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Retrieved January 5, — via Issuu. The Daily Gazette. I found it at a natural foods store I used to work at. The customers were all raving about it. Now I am. My dad found out how cool it is and sent me to buy up their entire shelf stock to send as gifts to friends. Read their info [5]. It's such a good idea, and a good product, and I'm not even being paid to advertise for them.

I would like to know do rhinos exist in Indonesia and, if they do, where do they live? Does anyone know where i can find a list of what can legally be shown on English terrestrial television, eg.

Fo r example i know that erect penises cannot be shown however i am sure i have seen on TV during the early hours recently the portrayal of this. How random is the random article link? I've been running through it looking for articles to work on. Before I found an article that I had just edited about an hour before. I've been doing this for several days and at least once a day but sometimes more than that I get Help:Contents.

I think Wikipedia may be trying to suitly emphazi something but what? Thanks, cesarb, for the clarification in response to my earlier comment. I see what you mean now. It didn't occur to me that a random real number would be used to decide between a fixed set of choices.

I imagine instead that the server could maintain an "indexed sequential" type of data structure -- equivalent to a sequential list of all N articles now existing, but with a way to quickly find the Kth entry. A simple sequential list might also do, depending on performance issues; I have no idea how often this function is used. Anyway, the algorithm then would be to simply use the PRNG to select a random integer K from 1 to N or 0 to N-1 , then display article number K -- and if it didn't exist because it was deleted since the list was updated , just try again.

At convenient intervals perhaps hourly , the list and associated data structure would be updated to add new articles and delete deleted ones, based on logs kept of these events.

Seems simple enough to me, and better than the non-uniform method described above, but then I'm not the one who would be implementing it. Cambridge: I wouldn't worry too much about it; you get extra points on the wikipediholic test if you run into articles you edit whilst using the random article link. Now, I know that "pie and chips" refers to a meat pie with fried potatoes, but few of my friends have ever heard of it.

In the US, "pie" means a sweet fruit pie, and "chips" means thin potato chips "crisps" , which would make a bizarre combination. A website says Ludhiana , another Surat , and my school textbook says Ahmedabad. Which one is correct? I recently perchased what the pet store called a halloween crab. They told me he eats hermit crab food and he's just like a hermit crab. After several days of living in my terrarium set-up he hasn't eaten anything. I have 2 dishes of water, one with salt water and one with fresh.

It appears that he is drinking the salt water almost dry and not really paying any attention to the fresh. I should have researched his species further, but the pet store owner convinced me that he was just like a hermit crab and did not require a lot of water. I have him in a gallon tank now, but if necessary, I could move him to a gallon with more water.

I need to know what kind of food he will eat, raw fish, raw prawns, cooked prawns, cooked fish??? He's not even interested in the hermit crab food. I didn't either! I looked it up on Google, and we're 5! Very tiny article, but with some links. When he is not using the appliance he just turn the volume down. Leaving aside the ecological view point that is highly appreciated and valued, can someone answer the original question: Is better for a house appliance i. I've recently taken some photos of a building in its dying days, and have lots of questions.

Thamks in advance for any helpful replies. Thanks again for your replies. When i wake up in the morning, why is it, when i am laying down, i don't have to go to the bathroom yet, but as soon as i sit up or get up, then i really have to go?

Anyone want to check out her user page? My name is Santi Joedho. I'm from Indonesia. I live in Jakarta. I need informations about course in Singapore.

I graduated from Civil Engineering. And i really need to take a courses for my job. Please give me informations for that courses.

But i planning to take that course just for weekend,because i've got offering a job in Batam. Please contact me as soon as possible in my email at Or you can contact me in my personal email. Hi I'm making something and I want to have a proper interface on its front not written with a vivid or some pieces of paper and I'm thinking about printing the image onto some transparent iron on transfers and iron it on to the metal front.

Had anyone tried this before? Does it work? Or do I have to actually experiment myself? I found it! This [ [9] ] is the stuff to use. I agree with this. What I want to know is, how true are the three statements above, as they seem quite extreme in my case? You're not asking about this, but it seems useful info here. An international signalling standard for search planes overhead is to raise both hands for a 'yes', in this case meaning "yes, I need assistance".

Raising one hand means 'no' "I don't need assistance", in other words "I'm ok". This coincides nicely with how people would normally react; waving frantically with both hands when they're in trouble and casually waving with one hand when everything's fine. And another way to remember this is that standing still and straight the way you're supposed to signal with both hands raised your body forms a 'y' for 'yes.

In Japan, the money sign is the reverse of the OK sign, so your palm is facing up and your three loose fingers point to the side or close to the side. If you made the regular OK sign to an old person they'd probably try to correct you, or pretend to understand but instead just ignore you.

I live in England and have a satellite dish, through which I receive numerous TV channels. In order to learn Modern Greek I would like to be able to receive Greek television channels. I am the least technologically minded person in the world and I don't know where to start. What makes someone who is say naturally better i.

For example do they tend to have more activity concerning brain cell signals or have more a certain amino acid that encourages more activity in the signalling in a certion region of their brain or brain cells? And is it different then regular memory abilities?

But what part does cell signaling, is it stronger in certain areas of the brain where we learn or understand science or the parts of our brain that understands literature? From the wikipedia article: "They have specially modified hairs on their body that develop a static electricity charge which attract pollen grains to their bodies" Does anyone know how to explain this from an evolutionary standpoint?

This almost sounds like the impossible situation of a flower using the bee for evolution; pollination is great for the flower, but what does it do for the bee? Beside the obvious "it makes more flowers"--aren't bees oblivious to the role they play in pollination? I heard that he scored these all goals, from inside the penality area box only. Is it true. Hi Who is the most paid football Soccer player in the world in terms of salary only. How much he gains for a week?

See here. It's Frank Lampard. Slumgum , 7 March UTC. A classic shot -- a man, i thought it was James Dean, leaning against a brick wall, cigarette hanging from his lip, hands tucked into tight jeans, with his leg against the wall. I remember the photo was showing the guy from the side. Yes thats the one Dismas. As a matter of fact.. I now think it was Marlon Brando. I'm quite sure actually. But still LOL i really dunno.

What does this mean Lupo? What is a Luminous carbuncle? What is its significance? For great justice. In the Arial character set I saw that "object" symbol. Do you know what it means or is used for? When I tried to paste it in the Google searchbox, it turned into a space character.

Will Reeve, only 13, isn't old enough to live on his own. His mother, Dana Reeve just passed away recently. Now with both parents gone, what happens to Will? Who will raise him now? How will life be better and worse for him other than for obvious reasons? Whats any different to some other kid losing both parents at a young age?

In some ways he should be better of, at least he has money when so many others are left with nothing. I provide rental apartment accommodation for visitors to Paris and other European cities and I would like to place an external link to my web site in an appropriate place in the articles. I would like to know how to do this. I would be very happy to provide related articles and co-related links to Wikipedia from my own website.

Please advise. Thank you. Am I correct in my understanding that provided that there is an intellectually valuable contribution to the content, it is up to the contributor to insert links if they wish in Wikitravel pieces? I was intrigued to note that following my original enquiry yesterday which used for example the presence of external links to the web sites of some bars and other commercial establishments, that the entire section 'Nightlife' seems to have been removed.

Could this be a prudish reaction to the subject matter? What is the name of the Chinese song featured in this flash file? I'm particularly interested in searching for it on the English Google. What language has more opportunities:Italian or Indonesian,It is because i want to learn Italian or Indonesian,just one,please help me,thank you.

Hello, I am writing an article for my high school newspaper about Child abuse awareness month and I cannot find information about it anywhere. If someone could help me find some stuff about it that would be great. Zach , 8 March UTC. Is there some sort of term to classify it? Preferrably not something along the lines of "a hitler". There's a Japanese comedian that sports one and I'd prefer not to have to describe him as "hitler-esque" in his article.

Rabbis answer questions on Jewish law. They are not in the trade for selling linen cords for tzitzit. Americans People of the United States are referred to this,but all people of the Americas are Americans.

I have read this somewhere at one time people of the United States have an actual name that they are called. I have been searching for about 8 years for this answer. Can you help me? This isn't homework, I'm just curious. If a nuclear war wiped out all life, land and nations north of the equator, what would be the political and social effects to the inhabitants and nations south of the equator? I know we can only speculate but I think it's interesting.

I'm especially curious as to which country would become the new superpower, Australia or Brazil. Assuming that some weird other cause would totally wipe out humanity in the Northern Hemispere and leave the Southern hemisphere totally intact, with the equator being a sharp 'cut-off line' or what should I call that? Since much of the wealth countries have depends on international trade and most of that will be lost with the major economies lost, these southern economies would collapse and they would all have to start from scratch well, not entirely of course, but there will be a strong effect along those lines.

And then the population numbers will become a decisive factor. So my bet would be on Indonesia. Or would indigenous natural resources be decisive?

In that case Congo would be a strong contender no, not South Africa - who needs gold and diamonds in a survival situation? Of course we can come up with all sorts of variations on this. What if all 'rich' countries would cease to exist? Or all land below 1 km would be flooded? In a survival situation any country which can't feed its own population is pretty much fucked.

In that scenario Brazil seems quite strong. The question remains unanswerable though - too many variables. Celcius , 10 March UTC.

What 4 English players that have cost over 7 million pounds and have not played for England User, if you use a site like soccerbase. Slumgum , 8 March UTC.

I am trying to find an encyclopedia that shows the age of a piano by looking up the serial number. There had been a fellow, that had done some repair work on mine, that said at that time it was over years old. That has been over 20 some years ago and he is no longer around. Wouild appreciate any help you might give. The rumors of my death are not entirely true, but people are allowed to think them as such anyway.

I have a couple of questions for you all. Does any one know what opera they play during the commercials for Black? Try registering for an introductory language course in college. Difficult, strategic languages offer the most economic opportunities, if you're not picky. Get a list of strategic languages from the websites for the U. State Dept. Arabic, Chinese, and Russian are commonly cited difficult and strategic languages. There's no particular reason to take Latin, unless you're looking to get a Ph.

Brian G. Crawford , 15 March UTC. Thank you very, very much! Finally I ejaculate. This is true of every man. I have concluded that if a man had never had an erection and ejaculated, then he would not grow facial and pubic hair. I read the page you have on silver certificates I have one and was curious but it did not mention anything about finding out what they are worth.

Can you help me with this? I am in a small town that does not have anywhere to have this done. I dont know exactly how much they are worth but im am interested in obtaining one, for a good price. At the end of the paragrah there's a link to YPS which is a disambiguation page for a school and an airport. The link makes no sense in either context. Anyone got any idea what it should be? Growning up in the I was told that you could have milk and fish at the same time I am from Ohio and a Friend that is in Texas said the same thing wanted to know why.

Some Jewish religious authorities forbid the eating of fish together with milk, on the grounds that it is a danger to health. Bet Yosef on Tur, Yoreh Deah chapter Others however say that this ruling arose as a result of a scribal error and it is therefore permitted to eat the two together.

Shach on Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah chapter 87 paragraph 5. Decisions, decisions I'm trying to find this website in my favorites or the web but I can't remember much about it, except that it was really good. One basic thing is that it attacks the arguments of both democrats and replublicans in American politics. One thing I might have read on it might have been about the inheritance tax, or tax cuts in general. I think it focused on pointing out flaws in arguments and where people get the facts wrong or something.

Ive decided to end my life Alternatively, one could go insane. I've done it and it's lots of fun. Go to a psychiatrist and he pulls one of the special pills from his drawer.

It's equivalent to jumping. The best painless ways: Get into your car, put a hose going from the exhaust in through the vehicle window, get in, turn the car on, and die painlessly of carbon monoxide poisoning. It will produce a painless type of chlorine gas that will first make you unconscious and then kill you.

You know, those of you who would sign your posts on this question, that you might be held legally responsible if this person should take your advice? I don't know if that's true or not, but I really think that killing yourself isn't a good idea Can we find info. This is more of a presonal question than a reference question: Since the beginning of this year, new films and episodes of Doctor Who the Christmas Invasion and Series 2 have been released to the general public.

I live in Sydney, Australia. Bowei , 9 March UTC. Thank You. Some one asked this before but i dont know when and I even forgot the answer. My question is how to insert a photo in my article? Since my artcles are on cars 2 and a bike. If you want to read it see my userpage. Suraj vas. If you go to a very expensive restaurant, they will happily suggest wines to match each dish you get.

However, neither my wife nor I drink alcohol. So I wonder if they ever match anything other than wine to the dishes you get. Specifically, would they suggest something non-alcoholic, if that's what you want.

And more importantly, would I look like an idiot if I asked them to do so? How can I start an account without a gift certificate, credit card etc? I don't need to buy anything, I'm just trying to download some of the free podcasts like The Onion. My brother used to own a Studebaker when I was around 10yro. If I remember corect it was in pr , Always love the car. It was so far ahead of all other on the road. Very few repairs eithsr. Is it on the market to buy?

Does Studebaker have any other van, trucks. If they are not so so high in price I could be interested. I think now that some of us have grown up and matured enough to handle what ever it is. Always looking fot the different out of style kind of truck.

On the news there was a woman who saw and spoke to ghosts and a ghost told her to take a picture, so she did, and in it was a ghost waving, it was all over the news here in Canberra, but I can't find it anywhere in google, anyone know how I can find it? I need some good Sennheiser circumaural headphones for use with an iPod. No one could figure it out, but I was asked that if I should find the title that I should tell you all about it.

The cartoon is "Mr. Rossi's dreams" KeeganB. Can someone please provide instructions on how to use the Anubis cipher. No, but how do I actually go about encrypting text with it? For the U. However, while I was in a discussion with my friends about ships, I couldn't come up with a single company that produces ships -- let alone the one with the largest revenue.

This is "an idle curiosity question," and I am looking for the manufacturer of ships with the highest revenue in 1 the world and 2 United States. This was recently posted on the Newcomers' help page :. I am trying to find a Chief of a Ojibway Tribe around 80 I is a long story and I had the "hots" for his daughter at the time.

I was invited to dinner at their lodge on birch Island I think, and the next thing I know I am learing how to build log cabins. I was around 17 or 18 at the time. I just wanted to thank them for all the things they taught me. Could you find out what his name was.

I went out with his daughter a few times too. My name is Leslie They may regognize me at www. I've searched all over the web and I can't find the final score of the game played Dec. Can anyone tell me how to get this info? In the euro-biljet, in the left down side of the map there are a few little maps placed in. What are these countries, and why are they on that map? I searched a lot for it, but can't find it. Why don't My Network TV 's programming schedule consist of English - speaking telenovelas , reality shows and sports?

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Lullaby - Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas (CD, Album), Call Them Brothers, Kutulu Rising - Mammutant - Atomizer (CD, Album), Tubular Bass (M-Theory Remix) - Cottonmouth (4) - Tubular Bass Remixed (File, MP3), Pepe - Various - Pepe - Original Soundtrack Album (Vinyl, LP, Album), Richard Anthony (2) - Rose (Parmi Les Roses) (Vinyl), Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees - Elvis Presley - I Wish You A Merry Christmas (Cassette), UnionJack* - There Will Be No Armageddon (CD, Album), ไอ้ตี๋ขี้เมา - คนด่านเกวียน - เสน่ห์น้ำจัณฑ์ (Vinyl, LP), Change In Speak - De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising (CD, Album), Kind Of Blues - Kada (2) - U.F.O. Nézők / U.F.O. Spotters (DVD), 0500 - Bushmans Revenge - Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen (CD, Album), Jaguar And The Thunderbird - Chuck Berry - Berry Is On Top (CD, Album)

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