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She goes on by telling they find new ways of tracking the psychic nervous system, the very thing that connects sensates. Yrsa picks up a gun and prepares to leave. Then Riley jumps into Will's mind, who is talking to Jonas. She asks who he is talking to and he in return asks if she is alone. She says she is with Yrsa. Both Jonas and Yrsa see that Riley and Will feel very connected. Yrsa tells her that love inside a cluster is pathological, the worst kind of narcissism.

They also find out that they are both born on August 8 of the same year. She hopes that he can help Jonas. Upon hearing the name Jonas, Yrsa asks "Maliki? She tells him he can't be trusted. That he and Angelica gave birth to clusters and used them to hunt down the sensesates.

Riley goes to the cemetery. Sven drops her off and says that he and her father visit them sometimes. Sven then tells Riley her father would come, not for them, but when he missed Riley. She goes to a tombstone and says that she is sorry she hasn't come back. That she wasn't strong enough. She sit and says that she sometimes looks in the mirror and doesn't know who she is.

She still thinks of that time he came to her school and horseback. She continues that she isn't who she used to be. That the old her is buried with him. She then jumps into Capheus' mind.

He asks her how it is. Then they jump to Iceland. She tells him she never told anyone. She couldn't say goodbye. Capheus then tells her the story when his mother gave his sister up for adoption because they had not enough food. He tells her that he learnt that life and death are mixed up and some beginnings are endings, and that some endings become beginnings.

Will is walking to his father when he sees Riley by the dock. They discuss about how they will both see their fathers today and Will asks Riley to be careful as Jonas told him that it's dangerous for Her to stay in Iceland.

Will just states that he doesn't know who to trust anymore, but does know that they should look out for each other. That makes Riley thank Will for saving her life as there was once was a time she didn't care about that kind of stuff, but now she does. They end their visitation with a kiss. Later, Riley finds her father and his colleagues outside of the concert venue, while smoking.

The older men gets stoned and Riley introduces them to ecstasy, and the group gets ready for the concert. We see her sitting inside next to Sven, listening to her father play. This makes all the sensates remember the day that they were born. Riley was born in Sven's house because her father was away. He followed her birth on the phone.

He was playing the piano the whole time. After this, she gets a nose bleed, collapses, and gets taken to the hospital. He's saying that she should go with him. Then Yrsa tells her she is going to die here. After Will helps out Kala, she asks if he is there. Then they both stand in her room. Kala recalls the music and asks what's wrong. Will says he doesn't know. She has flashbacks of the night of the crash and goes into shock.

Riley is being driven to one of the BPO facilities in Iceland. As she is unconscious, she recalls the accident that had influenced her to leave Iceland. As the car slips off the road, it falls and rolls off a cliff. She soon falls unconscious. When she wakes up, she gets out of the wreck and begins to wander through the snow, searching for help.

Her new born daughter soon dies in her arms in the Icelandic winter snow, and Riley is left utterly alone. While Riley collapses to her weakness, she uses her remaining strength to keep her baby close to her and promises that she'll never leave her child.

It cuts back to the present. Riley is driven in on a bran card. Yrsa appears and tells her to protect the rest by killing herself. Riley grabs a gun and points it at the guards before turning it on herself, but Will convinces her not to shoot.

She gets knocked down and drugged. When Will and Riley finally meet in person for the first time, their minds keep alternating between the two and between memories with each other. Together, and with the help of the rest of their cluster, they escape the facility, but as they are going down the elevator to the parking garage, Will and Whispers make eye contact, connecting them. Capheus helps them hotwire an ambulance, and they drive away, being pursued by Whispers in a helicopter.

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The Goldilocks Shoppe. The Kitchen Quilters. The Meandering Thread. The Quilter's Crossing. The Quilting Boutique. The Surgeon's Knots. I guess that I'm wrong for falling in love, But you're still the one that I'm dreaming of. I guess that it's you I want to hold onto, But you're holding onto someone else. Angry Nerd Rock Time for movements in the past, time for something that won't last.

Not just fire quick and die off fast. Things are never what they seem, I'm stuck inside of someone else's dream. Problems never go away I'm sick of being caught in yesterday. Every day it's still the same, different faces, different names, But still stuck here playing these stupid games.

Maybe soon I'll figure out what giving up is all about. My heart is filled so full of doubt. Don't turn around, don't look ahead I won't listen to all the lies I'm fed.

Don't have to listen to you So don't you fucking tell me what to do. The flowers that I gave to you have withered all away. Just when I opened up my heart The one you used to love came and ripped it right apart.

Why do I never seem to learn? That love is wrong and girls are fucking evil. I guess I'll never figure out What womankind is all about. I heard your voice again today I'm scarred by all the lies that were once promises you'd made.

I lie in bed awake at night And wonder what went wrong or even more just what went right. Choices Well I met a girl I thought I loved but, unfortunately I guess I didn't take the time to get to know that girl Before I made a lot of choices That I wasn't prepared to make.

If you think you've found that one That you really love Make sure they love you back. Better Way You ask yourself 'is this how I want to live? So I drive around and pray that I will make it through today There's got to be a better way. You miss your wife; you miss your little girl.

You left them stranded in a different world. Can you forgive yourself for all the time you've lost? I wouldn't give that up at any cost. There's more to life than being in a band, Your friends are what will matter in the end. I just want the chance to keep those promises I made There's got to be better way. My Hotel Year I drove five hundred thousand miles To find a world unlike my own, And now middle of nowhere seems like my home.

Alone, unknown Yet fearing nothing but ourselves Could be scarier than any crowded room. I'm more alone with you than when I'm by myself. Another night stuck on the vine, Another low lit memory Where time will slowly have it's way with me. We live our lives to expect the worst But once it happens what is left? We will never have to be surprised again. Just you and me not saying much of anything Sometimes could mean more than a thousand words Goodbye, farewell to this fucked up world that was my former self.

We never seem to have the time until we waste it All gone, goodbye Think and think alike, never seemed to have the time Until one day it's all gone, you've thrown it all away. I'm glad you were a part of my hotel year. Life Makes No Sense Are you looking for an answer? When you still don't know the question.

It's like lighting candles in the rain- Sometimes life can be a pain, But don't give up without a fight. Sometimes when you feel afraid, don't give up and run away. Cause' two wrongs don't make a right. What's the point in crying when you've don nothing wrong. It was right there all along.

The world's nothing but a lie and everyone is going to die But what can I say? Age of Marianna Jenny Panic Ages of Lulu. The Secret History - Johnny Panic. We are the Famous available! CD includes: a1. Astral Brain - Five Thousand Miles a2. The BV's - Mould b1. Dayflower - Popping Candy b4.

Fashion Street b1. Ode b2. Let's Go Disco Dancing. C'mon Simone b1. Hearts Like Butterflies b2. Vital Spark. Frida and Diego b1. Jean Paul Sartre b2.

Kill Me Again. Words You've Never Heard b1. That Shallow Petit-Bourgeois Thing b2. Where The Sun Doesn't Shine b1. TLLS b2. Botschaft 7" single Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten Germany a1.

Lake Ruth - Only an Ocean b1. Pale Lights Through the Lychgates. Each Time b1. Anything About Me. For Posterity Billy Jesus The Paragon City Giants Live The Kite Colliding Circles Kipling If Only Hey Gyp Dig the Slowness Harold's Raindrops Blues Jam Our Lives Get Lost in the Airwaves Free Colliding Circles Live Deep South.

Showerhead demo. Head Still Full Of You reprise. White Beast. It's Nice to be Loved. Americans Singing in the Dark If you'd like to get MP3s for the 7" you bought please send me an email requesting them and I'll send you MP3s in less than 24 hours.

In high bitrate of course. Shipping to:. Domestic U. Artwork : Marie Doerfler Shipping to:. Crystallized Artwork : Hector Trunnec Shipping to:. Rose Artwork : Catherine Cordasco Shipping to:. Goodbye Artwork : Pale Spectres Shipping to:. Chances Artwork : Marta Llumbart Shipping to:. Boat Song Artwork : Flowers Shipping to:. Cameraman Artwork : Anna Bron Shipping to:. Custer available a1. Forget It a2. Shelf b1.

Secrets Artwork : Gilbert Ford Shipping to:. Visions a2. Den Lille Havfrue b1. Again b1. A Dream Of You b1. Maple Artwork : Amy Ruppel Shipping to:. CD digipack click here for tracklist and MP3 sample Lightheaded CD digipack click here for tracklist and MP3 sample Spaceship radio edit The Suncharms - Sparkle Retrospective album that includes all released songs by this classic English band revered both by indiepop and shoegaze fans.

Hailing from Sheffield, The Suncharms were a staple at indiepop gigs, sharing bills with many of the legendary bands we cherish between the late 80s and early 90s.

Custom digipack, full color booklet and liner notes by Richard Farnell. This great band came from the ashes of Are You Mr. Riley and Feverfew and during the early nineties released a bunch of singles as well as appearing on many classic indiepop compilations. Now it's time for everyone to rediscover them especially as they have reformed for some select shows!

The record includes full liner notes by the whole band. Retrospective album that includes all the songs this fabulous London band released plus more. Included in this release are all the tracks that appeared in their 3 7"s as well as the Japanese mini-album plus their unreleased 4th single and more. Essential for understanding the wave of indiepop that came after, Indietracks, and even Cloudberry. Strange Idols was one of the few bands that carried the flag of indiepop during the s dark ages.

Custom digipack, full color booklet and liner notes by Julian Mash guitars. Released ten years after their former incarnation My Favorite's indie epic 'The Happiest Days Of Our Lives,' this new LP follows some of the same end of the century characters from that LP into a new age of crisis; growing up, seeking love, making ends meet in a ghetto of broken promises.

At the same time the band defies current trends towards unified atmospherics in pop, choosing instead to forge a kind of post-modern car crash of subculture sounds and currents. Madamm - You've Lost Me b1. Taggarna Ut - The Secretary b2. Taggarna Ut - Honolulu. The Gresham Flyers - Blackwall Tunnel b1.

The Pale Corners - Steve Buscemi b2. Annemarie - Blue Sky on Holiday a2. Sunny Summer Day feat. Cris Miller - In Summertime b1. Pop at Summer - Sunny Day Parade b2. Less is More b1. If You Ever Leave Me b2. Porch Artwork : Lyndon Hayes. Look Around b1. Screen Kiss b2. Vital Spark Artwork : Cloudberry. Kill Me Again Artwork : Cloudberry.

Monty Artwork : Cloudberry. Related releases and distribution. Daseinszweck Shipping to:. Pale Lights Through the Lychgates Shipping to:. Anything About Me Shipping to:. Girl Gang b1.


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  5. The Rileys (England) Before becoming The Rileys, they were also known as "Are You Mr Riley?" Edit this biography. Links: Releases: Whirlygig (7") Apr on Elefant - ER The World And His Wife (CD) on A Turntable Friend Records (ATF) - TURN CD On compilations: We Have Lift - Skies To Blue. Swings And Roundabouts E.P. (7").
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  9. song retrospective album from the classic C86 Glasgow, Scotland band! Baby Lemonade were a late 80s band who released the album "One Thousand Secrets" in on DDT Records as well as the single "A Secret Goldfish" on Narodnik Records in They also were part of the flexis the legendary Sha La La label (pre-Sarah) released, sharing one with another great .

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