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Label: Mute - FCD STUMM 275,Mute - 5099951830700 • Format: CD Album • Country: France • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: House, Downtempo, Synth-pop, Hip Hop

In October , Tom Holland confirmed that he was writing a direct sequel to the original film titled Fright Night: Resurrection that would bring back characters from the original film and would ignore the sequel.

Charley Brewster is a year-old fan of both traditional horror films and a horror TV series entitled Fright Night , hosted by former movie vampire hunter Peter Vincent. One evening, Charley discovers that his new next-door neighbor Jerry Dandrige is a vampire responsible for the disappearances of several victims.

Charley tells his mother and asks his friends for help. In desperation, he contacts the authorities. Detective Lennox goes with Charley to Jerry's house to question him, but his "roommate" Billy Cole tells them that Jerry is "away on business".

Charley reveals his suspicions, and the detective leaves, furious. That night, Charley is surprised to see Jerry in his house after his mother invites him in after Charley's friend "Evil Ed" Thompson tells him that a vampire cannot enter someone's home without an invitation.

Later on, Charley gets a visit from Jerry, who offers Charley a choice - forget about his vampire identity — or else. Charley refuses, brandishing his crucifix at Jerry. When Jerry stops Charley and slowly tries to push him out the window to his death, Charley stabs Jerry's hand with a pencil.

Enraged, Jerry destroys Charley's car in retaliation and informs Charley that he will do much worse to him tomorrow night. Charley turns to Peter Vincent for help, but Peter dismisses Charley as an obsessed fan.

Charley's girlfriend, Amy Peterson, fearing for Charley's sanity and safety, hires the destitute Peter to "prove" that Jerry is not a vampire by having him drink what they claim is " holy water ", but it is only tap water; Jerry has claimed to Peter that drinking actual holy water would be against his religious convictions.

Peter discovers that Charley is right about Jerry's true nature after glancing at his pocket mirror and noticing Jerry's lack of a reflection, causing him to accidentally drop and smash the mirror.

Peter then flees, but Jerry learns of his discovery after finding a shard of mirrored glass on the floor. Jerry hunts down Ed and turns him into a vampire. Ed then visits Peter, and upon revealing himself, tries to attack him, only to be warded off when burned by a crucifix. Meanwhile, Jerry chases Charley and Amy into a nightclub. While Charley is trying to call the police for help, Jerry hypnotizes and abducts Amy, who bears a resemblance to Jerry's lost love, and bites her after an intimate moment.

With nowhere left to turn, Charley attempts to gain Peter's help once more. A frightened Peter initially refuses, but he then reluctantly resumes his "vampire killer" role as Charley approaches his neighbor's house.

The two are able to repel Jerry's attack using a crucifix, though only Charley's works since he has faith in its spiritual power. Billy appears and knocks Charley unconscious over the banister, leaving Peter to flee to Charley's house.

There, he is surprised by Ed, who attacks him in the form of a wolf, only to be pierced through the heart with a broken table leg held by Peter. Removing the stake from Ed's corpse, Peter goes to rescue Charley and battle Jerry. Meanwhile, Charley is locked in with Amy, who is slowly transforming into a vampire.

Peter manages to free him before she awakens, and says the process can be reversed if they destroy Jerry before dawn. Charley and Peter are then confronted by Billy, who is revealed to be an undead, though nonvampiric servant, and manage to destroy him, melting him into goo and sand. Jerry appears, but Peter is able to lure the overconfident vampire in front of a window using a crucifix now working due to his renewed faith in its abilities.

Just before the morning sun, Jerry transforms into a bat and attacks Peter and Charley before fleeing to his coffin in the basement. Charley and Peter pursue Jerry; the latter breaks open Jerry's coffin and tries to stake him through the heart while Charley fights off Amy, who has almost completed her transformation.

By breaking the blacked-out windows in the basement, Peter and Charley expose Jerry to the sunlight, destroying him. Jerry's destruction leads to Amy reverting to her human form, and the three embrace. A few nights later, Peter returns to his Fright Night TV series and announces a hiatus from vampires by instead presenting a science-fiction film titled Mars Wants Flesh represented by clips from Octaman.

The series is being watched by Charley and Amy as they embrace in bed. As Charley gets up to turn off the TV, he at first sees red eyes in Jerry's now-vacant house, but dismisses them. Unbeknownst to both Charley and Amy, the still undead Ed hiding in the darkness laughs and says, "Oh, you're so cool, Brewster!

Nick Savage and Ernie Holmes portray the bouncers killed by Jerry. Playboy Playmate Heidi Sorenson also appears as one of Jerry's victims. Charley Brewster was the engine, but Peter Vincent was the heart.

The Peter Vincent character was named after horror icons Peter Cushing and Vincent Price , and Holland specifically wrote the part for Price, [5] [8] but at this point in his career, Price had been so badly typecast that he had stopped accepting roles in horror movies.

Chris Sarandon's agent gave him a copy of the script and he replied, "there's no way I can do a horror movie," [9] but he decided to give the script a once-over and was immediately captivated by it. Holland and he had an immediate rapport and went on to make several more films together , and Sarandon was awed that Holland had the film so completely mapped out that he "literally described the movie shot-by-shot all the way through — page-by-page, scene-by-scene.

It was basically the way he shot it. Jonathan Stark was not a fan of vampire films, but he also liked the script. The Billy Cole character was written as a hulking giant, so Stark padded himself with extra clothing when he went in to audition.

Why not throw him off the trail by being funny? Casting director Jackie Burch remembered his audition, though, and thought he would be right to portray Charley Brewster. Ragsdale auditioned several times and ultimately received the news that he had landed the part on Halloween night , [12] [15] beating out several other future-stars like Charlie Sheen. Due to a mix-up, Stephen Geoffreys had an awkward audition for Anthony Michael Hall 's role in Weird Science , [9] and he made an indelible impression on Jackie Burch, who suggested him for Fright Night.

Although he was not a horror-movie fan, Geoffreys loved the script, so he called his agent and emphatically declared that he would love to audition for Charley Brewster.

The most difficult role to cast was Amy Peterson. Once his cast was in place, Holland got input from each of the actors and made numerous revisions to the script. Some were slight and others were major — such as the ending, which originally featured Peter Vincent transforming into a vampire as he returned to host Fright Night.

The cast and crew were given the luxury of having two weeks of rehearsal time in late November prior to filming. Having begun his career as a classically trained actor, [19] Holland encouraged the cast to write biographies of their characters so they would completely understand their motivations and be able to draw on that information while filming their scenes. As originally written, Jerry Dandrige was more villainous, so Sarandon tried to find various ways to humanize the vampire, [8] including suggesting the implication that the Amy character was the reincarnation of his long-lost love.

Stark and Sarandon had not picked up on Holland's intended gay subtext when they were developing their characters. McDowall also did a lot of work on his character, and made a conscious decision to pattern his performance after the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. He realizes it but doesn't admit it.

He-had a moderate success in an isolated film here and there, but all very bad product. This poor sonofabitch just played the same character all the time, which was awful. And then he disappeared from sight, 15 years beforehand.

He's been peddling these movies to late night tv, various syndicated markets — he'd go six months In Iowa, six months In Podunk. Recalled Ragsdale, "He had his videocamera on his shoulder and he shooting, like, family movies the whole time. Sarandon recalled that Holland collaborated with choreographer Dorain Grusman in shooting a disco dance scene to have Bearse's character physically changing so that "she goes from this rather dewey, innocent-looking girl to this femme fatale ; she kind of grows up right before your eyes" [23] The scene also established Amy discovering Jerry actually was a vampire.

Principal photography commenced on December 3, , and wrapped on February 23, It was totally my film without studio interference. Generally filming went off without a hitch, but a few mishaps did occur, including an incident in which Ragsdale broke his ankle while running down a staircase.

The schedule had to be reorganized, but filming continued. In fact, I think that the thing I'll remember most about this movie is everyone's spirit and humor. Early in production, Holland invited Fangoria writer Abbie Bernstein to visit the set as often as she liked, and she took him up on his offer. Of the wrap party in March, Bernstein wrote, "It's fun and pleasant, but it lacks the intense camaraderie of the set.

Richard Edlund was the head of visual effects, and his team had just completed work on Ghostbusters , which worked to the advantage of Fright Night. May Archived from the original on February 8, Retrieved February 27, Official Charts Company. Retrieved May 21, Retrieved January 6, August 31, Retrieved September 22, Ultratop Dutch Top 40 Retrieved May 21, Single Top Music Week.

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  1. "Go" is a song by American electronica musician Moby, released in March by record label Instinct as the first single from his self-titled debut album. The single was a success in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart.
  2. Harakiri For The Sky's latest album, Mære, is a statement from a band who refuse to compromise – in this video interview, we go deep on how the record came to life One Louder. Best headphones for vinyl 8 killer pairs of vinyl-friendly cans to bring the best out of your wax.
  3. Fright Night is a American horror film written and directed by Tom Holland (in his directorial debut) and produced by Herb stars Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall, Amanda Bearse, Jonathan Stark, Dorothy Fielding, Stephen Geoffreys, and Art film follows young Charley Brewster, who discovers that his next-door neighbor Jerry Dandrige is a .

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