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Now is the time for transparency and tough conversations, not obfuscation and avoidance. I know many around the country are feeling pain, anger and despair. And there are some who would seek to use this pain to divide us. But even with this deep pain, we can feel a shift in our collective consciousness. Anger can be either a creative and catalytic force or one of destruction and distraction. To me, we must join together and forge a new multi-racial, intergenerational majority that is represented in all levels of government and by the policies of the government.

We are seeing the nascent stages of this coalition forming now, demanding racial justice, expanded health care coverage and economic relief for all. I welcome the opportunity to work with elected officials and allies to advocate for legislation that brings us closer to a more loving, just and fair society.

I welcome the opportunity to reimagine our future, leading us toward the better angels of our collective humanity and away from the dark echoes of our white supremacist past and present. Jesus Christ came into the world because there is a future catastrophe that you need saving from. During his three years of ministry Jesus did so much good—healing the sick, feeding the hungry, proclaiming the greatest teaching that this world has ever heard.

He did so much good in three years of ministry. Just think what He could have done in thirty years! Yet He tells His disciples repeatedly that He came to die. What could He accomplish by dying that He could not accomplish by living? He died as a sacrifice, and in the great love and mercy of God, our sins were laid on Him. Bearing our sins means that Jesus bore our punishment for sin. This is what was happening at the cross. On the cross, Christ was punished for our sins.

He was shut out from the presence of God. He entered hell so that you would never know what it is like. That is the heart of the Gospel.

How can His hell on the cross remove our everlasting destruction? This is the Son of God! What He suffered on the cross is able to atone for all our sins forever. Repentance is a decisive turning from all that God calls sin to offer myself to Christ.

I know myself. You have to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. You trust His death on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins, and you trust His resurrection power, that it is sufficient for everything you face in life and death.

You trust Christ because He is altogether worthy of your trust. That is what He is saying to us through His words to us today. Christ laid down His life for you and now He lays claim to your life for Him. That means your gifts, talents, time, money, the strength of your body and the affections of your heart.

Eternity hangs on this. Think about the man writing these words. He once persecuted Christians himself! Saul of Tarsus was the terror of the early church. Breathing fire and slaughter, he was on his way to Damascus on a campaign of violence. So, what did he feel as he wrote this? I deserve this judgment, but God has shown me mercy. And the mercy of God has transformed my life!

Right there in the dust, this man repents and believes. This violent man was transformed. Saul the persecutor became Paul the Apostle.

Now the Spirit of God is on him giving him these words to write to the church. This is the Gospel that we believe and that we proclaim. Furueagare hanzaisha-tachi. Imasara kakurete mo muda da. Shin no sabaki wo Kira ga kudasu toki.

Hito wo mamoru beki houritsu ga seigi ni somuku nara… Higaishatachi sukuu mono wa shinsekai no kami no sonzai dake no. Kawaita korkoro wo mitasu, sou, atsui yume. Kira omae wa seigi ja nai. Tada no kurejii na hitogoroshi da. Shin no seigi to wa nanika wo! Tremble in fear, criminals everywhere! It's no use trying to hide now. Not when the time comes for Kira to deliver true justice! The laws are meant to protect the people, but when they themselves go against justice… Those who suffer find their salvation in only the existence of the god of the new world!

Quenching parched hearts, yes, with a passionate dream. Kira, you are not justice. You're nothing more than another crazy murderer. Note that on the second to last line, Kakizawa joins the ensemble to sing "Kira koso seigi" "It is Kira who is justice" in his version, but Urai does not.

Instead, Urai is still holding the last note from several lines above from "I'll show you just what true justice is". Kira wa shinsekai no Kira wa kami na no da Kira wa kira koso wa machi nozonda saigo no kibou Kira koso seigi Kira koso seigi Kira koso seigi Kira koso seigi. Kira dai-ni no Kira ga arawareta Kira hanzaisha ni nigeba wa nai Kira futari no Kira ga te wo kunde oitsumeru yatsura wo chi no hate made dai-ni no Kira wa aratanaru Kira wa senryoku da Kira wa miseru darou seigi no tame atsui chikara.

A second Kira has appeared! There is no place for criminals to hide. The two Kiras will join hands to hunt them down to the ends of the Earth! The second Kira is A whole new Kira is fighting force. Kira is We will soon see it, the burning power in the name of justice!

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  1. From Futari wa Pretty Anon: When evil is afoot at school, it’s up to Kakeru-kun and the Justice Club to take care of it once and for all! But Kasuga’s sure that him and the villanous Kuroda-kun are up to something behind the scenes, and is determined to reveal them for what they are!
  2. When evil is afoot at school, it’s up to Kakeru-kun and the Justice Club to take care of it once and for all! But Kasuga’s sure that him and the villanous Kuroda-kun are up to something behind the scenes, and is determined to reveal them for what they are!/5(17).
  3. My dad needs surgery and we can’t afford it. The doctors say he’s a ticking time bomb, that he could have a heart attack anytime if he doesn’t get go through with the surgery. I’d appreciate it if you could share this to whoever you can.
  4. MyJustice, an access to justice programme, aims to equip the people of Myanmar with the knowledge, confidence and opportunities to resolve conflicts fairly, equitably and justly. We work closely with local communities to achieve a lasting impact on the way disputes are resolved and justice is delivered—especially for poor, vulnerable and.
  5. Jan 06,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesThis is Your Justice · Craig ColsonI Am the Way℗ World Library PublicationsReleased on: Music P.
  6. MyJustice, an access to justice programme, aims to equip the people of Myanmar with knowledge, confidence and opportunities so that they can resolve conflicts fairly, equitably and justly.
  7. Jan 09,  · The justice of God will often not be obvious in this world. People who do good often suffer and people who do evil often prosper. But God is just, and even though His justice may be hidden now, it will become obvious when Jesus Christ is revealed (). The justice of God is a central truth in the Bible. God never acts out of vindictiveness.
  8. My Justice by Patricia McKnight is a memoir of her childhood abuse (and it was brutal to say the least). From the abuse of her stepfather, to her mother and children denying that little Patricia is being abused, to the school and community failing to notice any sign of /5.
  9. I didn't find it so easy on my 30 Disc Priest. I died twice and it still failed even though I got back prior to the fight ending. In order to complete it, I had to drink a swiftness potion and run around the camp to until i got enough mana back to shoot off a few more spells. .

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