What I Got - Zilch (3) - Platinum (CD, Album)

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Label: Gotee Records - 701-383-4882 • Format: CD Album, Club Edition • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock

In his year career, KRS dropped many classic albums — this one ranks with the best of them. Lyrics, flow, delivery, message, beats, diversity — this album has everything. Some great guest spots, great vibe — this is an album for the ages. Classic Wu-Tang. Why this album is hardly ever mentioned when discussing best ever Hip Hop albums is a mystery.

Everything about this album is DOPE. Revolutionary Vol. An album that will forever polarize opinions. Wherever you stand, there can be no denying this is a landmark album, both production-wise and lyrically.

A timeless musical masterpiece, tasteful and irresistible. CL Smooth delivery serves as another instrument to complete the musical feast this album is from start to finish. Still angry, still hungry. This is Southern Hip Hop at its finest.

One of those albums that age like fine wine and only get better as times goes by. Diamond D always was a producer first and an emcee second and it shows.

The beats on this joint are flawless start to finish, no need to skip tracks on this album. An underrated Golden Age gem. Great production and plain awesome lyricism by one of the best emcees ever. Where dumbed down factory rap was selling millions of copies, this gem of an album sold less than This album is FUN. It should be, though. Excellent work. This album was produced by Marley Marl at the peak of his powers and is a definitive Hip Hop classic.

Has there ever been a more influential album in Hip Hop? Often imitated, never duplicated. Elzhi is one of the most underrated emcees in the game. What an excellent album! This is a flawless album: top-notch production from Showbiz and Diamond D and guest appearances from Lord Finesse and Big L among others — this may just be the best DITC album in a series of excellent albums.

Amazingly consistent and entertaining throughout. The album flew well under the mainstream radar but was quickly recognized as a classic by true heads. This album is ART, pure and simple. Madvillainy redefined the underground and is a perfect example of what can happen if two left-field geniuses combine powers. MF DOOM and Madlib have both produced many pieces of brilliant music, but this epic album may just be the crowning achievement in both their careers.

The best Hip Hop album of Eminem in his prime, lyrically unbeatable. The D. The Rugged Man is an exceptional emcee. Incredible flow and wordplay, with lyrics that are clever, humorous, self-depreciative, personal, and provocative — this guy really is something else.

In an era where conscious Hip Hop had long lost the spotlight to empty-headed materialism and violence, dead prez was one of the crews who kept the tradition started by Public Enemy and KRS-One alive: bringing intelligent, socially and politically charged messages over some kick-ass beats. A flawless album from start to finish, filled with dope tracks. Second album, second classic for The Pharcyde.

More mature and musically rounded than their equally epic debut, Labcabincalifornia is an album that has matured really well. The Rugged Man. But the rest of the album bangs too. This is one of the greatest and most important debuts in the history of Hip Hop and LL Cool J is one of the all-time greats. Reply to this topic Followers 0. Go to topic listing. High Life is a great track. Big Bad Wolf This is one that flew in under the radar at the time.

I have the Japanese version which has a bonus track on in it as well. New Mystery Song!! Hey Zack!!! Sounds like it was ahead of its time. I only used Limewire, which retrospectively was shit, but at the time was pretty good. One of the few gems I pull and listen to at least once a week,. I certainly would never include Steve on any of my shredder lists, I would include though, Harry Cody, Mike Dimitrovich, and Mark Digilio, might also throw the fag from Pole Position in there as well, he's insane, I just cant pronounce his name.

Stabbing Westward Week. Now did J. Geils play on this one, or was this the one he was replaced by Alan Parsons? Thanks for making me revisit SW. Been a while and a considerably longer while since all my cds are inaccessible so no opportunity to stand and stare I do like this band and these songs still play well today.

Listen to SW made me think of the Portland, Oregon band Generator, that changed their name to Slowrush for their one and only debut Volume. They had a guy or 2 from the Dan Reed Network in the band and if you can find the long play they released as Generator prior to Slowrush then you get basically 2 different records.

Sorry for the hijack. Album Game. A typical Oldfield Celtic folk crescendo, but with a bit more flesh to it then to the rest of the album. The title track is rather uninspired and forgettable. The trumpets halfway in and the folk march that follows are simply dreadful. Celt is the sound of an artist plagiarising himself, the percussion heavy chant is a weak reworking of the magic that was created on Incantations. Molly is harmless and unremarkable. Overall, this is better then Platinum but there are some particularly nasty traps to watch out for.

This is an album which is more reliant on keyboards than much of what went before, and the result, mixed with Oldfield's signature guitar work, upbeat rhythms, and Maggie Reilly's marvellous voice, is an upbeat album which is very easy to listen to on the ears, but, also, is well written and doesn't lose sight of Oldfield's clear progressive roots.

The introduction to the title track, with its Oldfield guitar fusing with Henschel's keyboards and a brass section, is a fine example of the utilisation of new sounds being produced in rock at the time.

My highlight of this, though, is actually one of the two covers featured on the album a clear commercial decision by his then label, Virgin. Wonderful Land, an old Shadows track, is given the full Oldfield treatment, and the guitar work on this is never anything less than stunning. It is basically a hymn to the glories and beauty of Old England, and you can visualise the wonders of that green and pleasant land when you listen to this.

The other cover is Abba's Arrival, and, again, this is wonderfully executed with some particularly delicate guitar work by the great man and effective Reilly chants.

Oldfield also proves he can still rock out, and the glorious Mirage is vintage Oldfield. Relentlessly upbeat, heavy, but also with some interesting brass instrumentation in amongst the chaos. An albums of contrasts. At turns commercial, Celtic folk, new age, harder rock, and more traditional Oldfield, this is a hugely enjoyable musical journey. It is not a masterpiece of an album by any means.

But, it does feature some of the finest work that Oldfield produced, and that is saying a lot in such a stellar career. An excellent addition to any prog music collection. Four stars. That's alright, then, but is it any good? As Oldfield goes, in general, I find his music to be sort of noodling and simply uneventful, at most times devoid of humour. Now, I guess I have to be honest: I am not acquainted with the mans discography to the level of being an expert. Still I think I've heard just enough to draw that conclusion.

And no, Oldfield is not all boring and all noodling. There are most certainly music of brilliance. The man is clearly gifted. QE2 is probably the album of Oldfield's I' ve come to enjoy the most. Sure, there are som cheesy parts Wonderful land, for instance and some quite uneventful like Sheba. Apart from that there are some really interesting ones, like Conflict and Arrival. Both tracks, especially Arrival, possess that certain charm of the outbreak of the 80's I like.

Arrival is quite atmospheric and Conflict quite aggressive. Still, the highlights are Taurus 1 and the title track. Taurus 1 is a real builder, beginning quite humbly in order to progress and turn into something truly great. QE2 is a track I at first found to be too happy in sound but I have changed my mind and now I sort of love it.

Of interest, for those reading this, may be to say a few words about the deluxe edition, whichis the one I own. Disc 2 is a live recording from , which is quite good. I am not, in general, a lover of live albums but this is interesting. Of the greatest interest is the tracks off QE2, of course, which do benefit from being performed live. This is true, in particular, with Conflict, Mirage and Taurus 1. Conclusion: QE2 is Oldfield at an inspired point in his career.

It contains both highs and lows, resulting in an album I cherish but somehow only like. I do think, however, it is quite an entrance to Oldfields territory. It is prog Taurus 1 , neo-prog Conflict , new- age Mirage , folk Celt , soundtrack music arrival and feel good-ish QE2.

All in all there isn't really a bad, as in really bad, track on QE2. It is a collection of varying soundscapes and emotions and as that I think it is Oldfield at his best and to some extent most accessible.

When I hear this album, I want to sing! I want to dance! My heart is bursting with joy! I feel goosebumps and the hair stands on the back of my neck! And an enchanting spell is cast over me! I know a lot of the more hardcore Prog guys like his earlier works and although I love those as well It took me quite some time to give QE2 a fair chance.

Unimaginative album cover, pointless mention of RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 and odd structure always made listening to this album a daunting task. Only after my interest in Oldfield grew into unaffected fascination all this material clicked with me.

Fragmented, Mixed. Metallica , a. Metallica slowed down the tempos, streamlined the arrangements and set their sights on mainstream glory. I hate it when bands stop taking chances. Badmotorfinger was their polar opposite, an album of songs that, on the surface, seemed a piece with archetypal hard rock, but were full of odd time signatures, atonal guitar noise, unusual chord choices and various other quirks. I thank God that people dig it and that it got so big, but it just took a minute to write.

I guess it had some kind of magic about it. He wiped the guitar off, sat down, plugged in and made history. Jimi Hendrix copied them outright when he performed the tune. When the album was completed, Bloomfield had arrived at the nexus of blues and rock, paving the way for the genre blending of Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Cream and Led Zeppelin. Dylan had found Bloomfield in Chicago, where the thenyear-old had abandoned his silver-spoon upbringing for the gritty stages of the South Side.

His playing on the album is as knotty, dramatic and unpredictable as his troubled psyche. King, balancing chromatic ascents and descents with radically slurred bends and off-the-beat accents.

He departed in the middle of the sessions, leaving Kooper to call in Stephen Stills to finish the recording. For the next 13 years, Bloomfield ricocheted between occasional live performances, uneven recordings for a series of mostly independent labels and outright disappearances from the music scene.

On February 15, , he was found dead of an overdose in his car, parked on a side street in San Francisco. He was The third album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Electric Ladyland , ranks among the greatest rock double albums of all time.

His playing had gone beyond mere virtuosity; for him the guitar had become a tonal instrument of great subtlety and expressiveness from which he could evoke a rainbow spectrum of moods and textures.

Technology was evolving rapidly in when Electric Ladyland was created. The album sessions started out on fourtrack tape, but then moved to the short-lived l2-track tape format and then on to track. Jimi had become friendly with the band Traffic, then enjoying great popularity, and many members of that band ended up on Electric Ladyland. Clearly, his social life was starting to intersect with his studio work. The three parted company soon after Electric Ladyland was released, making the album a glorious last hurrah for the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

This old vaudevillian trick creates a sound like that of a kazoo. Had the album been recorded by any other trio of musicians, it would have been deemed a massive achievement. It had too many covers and too little punch. Upon arrival, the band members were introduced to the production team of Tom Dowd and Felix Pappalardi. Like all the best albums, the recording of Disraeli Gears was characterized by an underlying tension.

Despite this, it was clear that Cream had found another gear, both in their own compositions and their interpretative skills. One track stood out above the others. History, of course, has proved Ertegun wrong. Cream were, in many ways, the perfect band, and Disraeli Gears was their finest hour. The record drips with formidable talent, while addressing the everyman issues of passion, selfdoubt, hatred and, most important, volume.

Turn it up loud, and remember them this way. Selling boatloads of copies of Siamese Dream freed Billy Corgan to unleash his inner overachiever. On this wildly ambitious and overly indulgent double CD 28 songs, clocking in at over two hours , Corgan and his approval-hungry bandmates pulled out all the stops. Whether raging in a cage or cooing like a lovesick Romeo, Corgan had his cake and ate it, too, on this dense, overstuffed confection.

In a positive way, I wanted to really embrace the notions of creativity, to just go as far out as we wanted to go and not get too hung up about the commercial aspects. Has their ever been a band as deliciously subversive as the White Stripes? In , no one could touch Vulgar.

Fuck all that. What had the world come to? The better question was, what had become of Eddie Van Halen, that avatar of unbridled guitar showmanship? Actually, if I could deliberately sit down and write a pop hit, all my songs would be pop hits! They were also in a rut. Prodded by maverick producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, the band tossed out its old sound and threw its arms around the U. In many ways, The Joshua Tree is one big bear hug to the great American songbook.

It was a breakthrough, sure, but we always try to use our breakthroughs to lead us somewhere else. Toxicity is a zany, diverse and sometimes contrary mix of sonic styles that explodes like a cluster bomb. The band seems to have tapped the riffage of Anthrax and Slayer, the lunacy of Frank Zappa, the politics of Dead Kennedys, the sensitivity of acoustic Red Hot Chili Peppers and the ethnic color of Greek and Armenian music. What holds it together is the outstanding musicianship and clever arrangements of guitarist Daron Malakian, a schizophrenic misanthrope with an equal taste for death metal and pop.

Before recording the latter track, Vai has admitted to fasting, meditating and abstaining from sex for 10 days. With Passion and Warfare , I wanted to make a bigger-sounding record with a lot more production and orchestration.


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  1. Mar 21,  · To put that into perspective, platinum multi-Grammy winning mixers can charge $10, per song now, we can mix a whole album within a day, maybe costing the client $” Christian Cummings.
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  3. Alicia Keys. Alicia Augello Cook (born January 25, ), known by her stage name Alicia Keys, is an American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.
  4. Always Never the Same is the nineteenth studio album by George Strait. This platinum selling CD produced smash hit single "Write This Down" which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts for four weeks as well as a top music video. It includes singles, "Meanwhile" and "What Do You Say to That".
  5. "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is a Christmas song by American singer-songwriter Mariah miner-all.net co-wrote and co-produced it with Walter Afanasieff for her fourth studio album and first holiday album, Merry Christmas (). Columbia Records released it as the lead single from the album on October 28, The track is an uptempo love song that includes bell chimes, backing vocals and.
  6. Nov 12,  · The first single released from the album, "Trapped," would be Pac's introduction to the public in a solo capacity, but 2Pacalypse Now would gain national attention after being denounced by .
  7. That album did very well, with a #1 single, "Kiss On My List", a #2 single, "You Make My Dreams", and a #8 single, the remake we did of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling". These were my first gold and platinum album and singles. We went on to work together on the Private Eyes and H2O albums, which did even better than Voices.
  8. Jul 30,  · Rush in Rio was released after Vapor Trails, and Feedback was not a live album. And lastly, All the World’s a Stage went platinum (I got this off of Wikipedia, but you can also find it on a flag which i own off their website of all platinum albums from the band.).

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